Lone Man Finishes Run Across the Country with Support of Two Former Navy Bomb Technicians

Inspired by the movie Forest Gump, Albie Masland, will finish his run across the country on August 18th in Washington D.C. to show gratitude for U.S. veterans

San Diego, CA, July 19, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The run named Operation Amerithon is set to finish in our nations capital on August 18th marking the completion of a 2,900 mile journey across the country to show gratitude and raise money for America’s veterans through the Travis Manion Foundation.

Together, Albie Masland and the San Diego based accessory and apparel brand, Bullets2Bandages created Operation Amerithon as a means of support and appreciation for our nations veterans. Albie Masland took his first steps in Dana Point, CA on March 17th, 2012 with the primary support from former Navy bomb techs and founders of Bullets2Bandages. 2,200 miles, 119 days, and $25,000 in donations later, Albie Masland will complete the Operation Amerithon run across the country in Washington D.C. on August 18th, 2012.

Bullets2Bandages, the co-creators of the Operation Amerithon run, raise monetary donations for nonprofit veteran organizations on a daily basis through the sales of hand made bullet accessories and apparel. Over the course of the run, Bullets2Bandages has gained significant traction, generating new fans, supporters and sponsors of Operation Amerithon such as NovaWhite, the professional at-home teeth whitening company and CrossRope, the interchangeable weighted cable jump rope system.

“As Albie approaches the finish line, we encourage everyone to show our nations veterans the same support and gratification through a simple donation of any amount to the Travis Manion Foundation,” says co-founder of Bullets2Bandages, Erik Spalding. “With the successful establishment and triumphant outcome of Operation Amerithon, we are ready and eager to continue to support other fundraisers in the future.”

Bullets2Bandages plans on continuing to support the Travis Manion Foundation as a corporate and local title sponsor of the 9/11 Heroes Run in San Diego and Virginia Beach. This nationally participated in race will take place on September 9th to benefit the Travis Manion Foundation and local veteran charities.

For more information about Bullets2Bandages, visit www.Bullets2Bandages.org

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To contribute donations to Operation Amerithon, visit www.crowdrise.com/operationamerithon

About Bullets2Bandages
As former Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal officers, founders of Bullets2Bandages, Erik Spalding and Cole Evans, have made it their mission to support veterans and families negatively affected by the War on Terrorism. By transforming instruments of harm into symbols of hope and healing, the duo donates proceeds from their bullet jewelry line to veteran nonprofit organizations. Bullets2Bandages.org sells its products online and donates a portion of proceeds to veteran nonprofit organizations such as the Travis Manion Foundation, Veterans Village of San Diego, and Green Beach America.

For more information about Bullets2Bandages, visit www.Bullets2Bandages.org
Rebecca Bamberger