Concept Smoke Screen Flying the Flag for Security Smoke

During the build up to the Olympics the spotlight has been firmly on security. Echoing this sentiment Concept Smoke Screen endeavour to translate this into daily working lives. The Games are on, but the crooks haven't switched off.

Boston, United Kingdom, July 20, 2012 --( The London 2012 Olympic Games opens its doors to the world on the 27th July and promises to be a truly spectacular event showcasing the cream of athletic talent across the globe. It will be a thrilling fortnight of unforgettable achievement and will leave a lasting legacy buoying the country for decades to come.

While the world turns its attention to the athletic arena, the criminal fraternity will continue to go about their business. They may even work overtime given the distraction. An influx of tourists is great for business; it also creates a potential breeding ground for opportunistic crime.

Security at the Olympics is naturally of paramount importance, but let's not lapse on other security issues.

Who is watching the warehouse when the 1500m is being run? … jewellery during the javelin? … cash while the cycling is on?

Smoke Screen will. The silent watcher, ready at a moment's notice to unleash a barrage of security smoke during a break-in, instantly driving away any intruders.

Smoke Screen is incredibly thick, non-toxic and doesn't leave any residue. It is easily integrated into an existing alarm systemand has a proven track record.

Put simply, Smoke Screen stops crime.

Last month, a Fagin's Kitchen style attack on a luxury jewellers in London was foiled by a Smoke Screen activation. In broad daylight, a motorcycle pulled up outside the store, the pillion passenger leapt off brandishing a sledgehammer and started violently swinging at the display window. The toughened glass bought valuable seconds for the staff inside to trigger the Smoke Screen which instantly filled the display. The attack ceased. As the roller shutters descended the criminals gave up and sped off. The window suffered minor damage, but nothing was taken and no-one was hurt. The store's Smoke Screen defence extends to the interior as well, ensuring staff safety in the event of a raid. A textbook success.

Choosing Concept Smoke Screen as preferred smoke supplier offers further benefits:

• The only UK-based security smoke company with headquarters based in Lincolnshire and a factory in Maidenhead.
• Specialists in the entire process, from initial enquiry through to installation, manufacture to maintenance. As such Concept Smoke Screen are able to offer unrivalled 24-7 service support.
• The staff make up the largest pool of security smoke professionals in the UK - an experienced sales force, a dedicated technical department and a team of specially trained and accredited engineers all equipped with a wealth of industry expertise.

Free surveys and demonstrations are always available. Once Smoke Screen has been experienced in action, the brilliance of its simplicity and its effectiveness is quickly appreciated - gold medal favourites in loss prevention.
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