In Search of the Worlds Most Beautiful Woman is Breaking Ground Daily with a World Wide Search for Its Champion

The Search Continues Across the Globe

Calgary, Canada, June 22, 2007 --( is expanding their search for the worlds most beautiful woman.

Until now, Central Casting, has mainly relied on word of mouth along with internet advertising to attract the beautiful woman who represent the contestants. As their total contestant base hovers in the 2200+ mark, and with more and more request coming via phone and regular mail, TheWMWB is working with several promotional companies and planning a world wide tour to host several locally based open casting calls. Their goal is to find the 'Diamonds in the Rough' from around the world.

One of the next big steps in crowning the Worlds Most Beautiful Woman is conquering the television market. Television networks and producers are constantly searching for, or attempting to develop new and innovative programming. Alternatively, they attempt to utilize ideas that are similar to shows with a proven track record of success. In Search of the Worlds Most Beautiful Woman represents a concept that falls into both categories. The list of successful shows both past and present that highlight beautiful women is nearly endless.

Even the more successful reality shows feature beautiful women in order to attract more viewers. If their information is correct, there are at present approximately 140 reality shows being shown in North America, with the networks scrambling to find the next "big one". An estimated 300 million viewers in approximately 30 countries see the Miss U.S.A. Pageant, while the Miss Universe Pageant is watched by a worldwide audience of approximately 600 million people in 60 countries. In Search of the Worlds Most Beautiful Woman has the potential of becoming the most successful show of all, with huge international appeal. In addition to the beauty factor, they have a show that will feature a different exotic location each week, presenting the culture and attractions of some of the most spectacular regions of the world to international audiences.

Central Casting Corp
Jamie Hiebert