International Root Beer Day

Washington, DC, July 20, 2012 --( On July 18th, people join around the world to raise their frozen mugs, chalices, goblets, bottles, tankards, steins, jars, pitchers, decanters, bowls, cups, cans, tumblers, buckets, kegs, and other mostly airtight and partly cylindrical vessels in a toast of the greatest beverage yet invented by humanity. Thanks to root beer, ice cream will never get lonely, children never excluded, and happiness perpetually remains just one sip away. is working hard to make International Root Beer Day a mainstay of July festivities. Falling exactly one fortnight after Independence Day, this annual celebration of root beer brings people of all ages and backgrounds together as they appreciate one of the uniquest drinks ever created. Without frosty, refreshing root beer on a hot summer day, everyone appears a little droopier and feels somewhat drearier.

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Stephen Norberg