Precision Farming Company Offers New Variable Rate Technology Service

Echelon Ag introduces variable rate fungicide service for western Canadian farmers.

Calgary, Canada, July 25, 2012 --( Dean Schenk is excited to inform Echelon’s customers that the precision farming and technology company is now offering a new service: variable rate fungicide. Precision farmers in western Canada will now be able to add VR fungicide to their variable rate technology arsenal.

“With fungicide season fast approaching, not to mention that crops have been performing exceptionally well over the past few months, we have decided to offer VR fungicide to our customers,” commented Dean Schenk, Account Manager, Echelon Ag. “We’re really excited to be able to provide our farmers with this new service.”

Variable rate fungicide technology will work by having real time imagery taken via aircraft with high-resolution cameras. These images will be taken a few days before normal fungicide application, and will then be used to create a prescription that will be delivered to your VR sprayer. A total of 3.50/Acre will be eligible for fungicide application, and we will be providing the fungicide imagery for farmers’ VR desiccation at no additional charge.

“Anyone who may be planning on booking this new service will be required to provide Echelon with their field, crop, and planned product and rate information,” concluded Schenk. “At Echelon, we are always looking for ways to improve precision farming. We think this is new service is going to be very impactful for our clients.”

If you are interested in booking Echelon’s new VR fertilization service, or have further questions, please contact Dean Schenk. Booking early will ensure the plane will deliver the imagery to you on time.

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