Rising Foreclosures Throw More Consumers Into Financial Crisis

Consumers explore a variety of debt solutions as housing market continues to deteriorate across the country.

San Diego, CA, June 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- As foreclosures continue to skyrocket across the country, online debt resource DebtSettlement.com is anticipating a growing consumer need for reliable financial information and advice. As the devastating, three-fold increase in foreclosure rates across the country has put consumers in jeopardy, more and more Americans are looking to find solutions like debt settlement and debt consolidation in order to avoid financial crisis.

“The ominous forecast for the housing market combined with rising APRs has created a dangerous situation for many consumers,” reports a Debt Settlement spokesperson. “These consumers deserve to know that they have other alternatives to explore rather than severe options like personal bankruptcy.”

Throughout the country, lenders and mortgage bankers are reporting record rates of delinquency and foreclosures. In California alone, one out of every 308 households is facing foreclosure, and that rate is rising as an increasing number of homeowners find themselves locked into homes they can’t afford in a housing market that continues to suffer.

A leader in online financial service solutions for consumers with growing debt, DebtSettlement.com provides information on a number of debt solutions, including debt settlement and debt consolidation – with knowledgeable, skilled debt advisors that work to find the best solution for each consumer, depending on their unique financial circumstances. The site offers a debt reduction calendar and other resources so that visitors are able to educate themselves on their own needs and financial goals.

“Americans facing overwhelming debt in such a volatile market should not have to feel shame or remorse about their situation,” explains a debt specialist from DebtSettlement.com. “Instead, they deserve the opportunity to work towards a debt-free future by taking control of their financial health today.”

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Shelley Burns