New Website: Brasilfarm is a Place Where Agribusiness Owners and Investors Can Meet

Currently most land transactions are done using phone, fax and word of mouth. BrasilFarm can improve the speed and quality of how rural properties are being bought and sold.

New York, NY, July 26, 2012 --( BrasilFarm is committed to providing the best and most current information regarding the Brazilian cerrado’s for investors, NGOs, suppliers and anyone interested in learning about this amazing piece of land, which is both critical for the planet's ecosystem as well as for our food supply.

BrasilFarm is building a database with thousands of agribusiness properties. The users can search by size, value, crop, location, etc.

Also, the BrasilFarm users may connect with each other and create a project.

BrasilFarm users that are planning on becoming a cerrado's investor or belong a NGO that is working to protect the land, can create a project and collaborate with other users with similar objectives.

If the BrasilFarm user has a rural property and is interested in exploring its market value, he can enhance the information that the BrasilFarm team already provide about his property. He can add pictures and/or video as well as detailed description.

To see the new website, please visit
Pedro Garcia
55 14 81446758