Bridgestone Global Partners Intensifies Web-Based Steel Market Support Solution, News Center

In addition to the present web-based trading support solution, Bridgestone Global, disclosed today the intensification of the firm’s extensive web-based trade support with the addition of Steel Market Support Solution and Industry News and Data Center.

London, United Kingdom, July 26, 2012 --( According to Mr. Henry Sorin, the Director of the firm’s IT and Communication Department; the addition of the new web-based trading support is expected to augment the investors and traders’ capability to trade using the existing platforms of Bridgestone Global Partners. The new web-based trading center will provide market news on ferrous and metals, industry information and historical data and support analytics using an easy to use single and spontaneous interface.

The new web-based Trade Support Center aims to make better informed decisions on buy and selling while reducing possible risk and exposure to volatile markets. This web support is particularly designed for the trading benefits of producers of steel and raw materials, stockholders and fabricators of ferrous steel and metals, including scrap dealers and shippers. The web-based solution also provides vital and real-time information, including market news on iron ore, coal and semi-finished steel and metal products as well as import and export shipments and holdings information.

“We are happy to inform our investors and traders that our new web features are easy to use. Now, they are able to access us and use those features anytime of the day using their desktops and laptops, and even their mobile phone anywhere they are. Bridgestone Global Partners’ new web-based trading service feature is easy to install on desktop, mobile phones such as Apple iPhone, Blackberry and other advanced mobile devices,” said Henry Sorin.

For some workers in ferrous metals and steel production, the new trade support solution fills a critical space in the sector. Conventionally, a market exemplified by long term, fixed price contracts it has of late become a extremely unstable and rapid changing one determined by increasing demand, mostly from rising economies of some Asian countries.

“In relation to the conventional volatility of the metal markets, there is still a move towards shorter term, variable price deals with shippers, producers and even suppliers as they are trying to manage their own risks and exposures. With the new web-based features, those individuals can have a single point of reference, strengthened by the most excellent available market data,” explained Mr. Sorin.
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David Jones