Ketchup Versus Mustard: LeRoy's Makes the Case for Ketchup

A Wisconsin company is getting creative with ketchup flavors, making "ketchup versus mustard" a heated debate this grilling season.

Milwaukee, WI, July 27, 2012 --( As grilling season heats up so does that old debate, ketchup or mustard? Each side has it's argument. Mustard fanatics say ketchup should never touch a hot dog or bratwurst. Ketchup supporters evoke their all-American right to freedom of condiments. When it comes to variety, mustard has always had the upper hand. You can find spicy mustard, stone ground mustard, sweet mustard, but ketchup fans just stick to the classic. In response to mustard domination, a Milwaukee company called MMGroup has created LeRoy's Gourmet Flavored Ketchup to liven up the ketchup market with flavors like Crispy Bacon, Ghost Pepper and Aged Cheddar, Beer and Onion, and more.

About LeRoy's Ketchup:
LeRoy’s Ketchup is a brand of MMGroup, a marketing, development and distribution business owned by Lisa Smith and Terese Janssen. The company distributes a variety of products but in 2011 Lisa and Terese noticed the lack of flavored ketchup. Local chefs teamed up with Wisconsin’s best home cook (Lisa’s mom), to come up with the first three flavors of LeRoy’s Ketchup- Homemade Chili, Smoked Mesquite, and Beer and Onions. More flavors soon followed and LeRoy’s gained a place in ketchup history.

The online gift store showcases over 2,500 products made with pride and passion by more than 250 Wisconsin artisans. specializes in gourmet meats for the grill like bratwursts and old fashioned hot dogs, as well as Wisconsin-made toppings for both sides of the condiment debate including gourmet ketchup and fancy mustard.
Linda Remeschatis
Amanda Maurer