Svetlana Malinovskaya, Expert in Quantum Physics, Elected Chair of Theoretical Physics Community

Hoboken, NJ, July 27, 2012 --( Dr. Svetlana Malinovskaya, Associate Professor in the Physics Department at Stevens Institute of Technology, was elected as Chair of the Theoretical Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Community (TAMOC). As chair, Dr. Malinovskaya will coordinate the activities of TAMOC, including the organization’s website, annual meetings, and outreach events.

Nominated to the position by Dr. Pierre Meystre, Professor of Physics at the University of Arizona, Director of Biosphere 2 Institute and elected by her peers, Dr. Malinovskaya is “extremely reliable and tireless, and will work very hard to further raise the level of activities and visibility of TAMOC. She is keenly aware of the challenges and rewards of building up an organization, making her an ideal candidate for this leadership position,” says Dr. Meystre.

Dr. Malinovskaya has conducted ground-breaking research with leading researchers all over the world, including Russia, Germany, and the United States, resulting in numerous publications in leading journals such as Optics Letters and Physical Review as well as patents and conference proceedings. She is a member of the Optical Society of America, American Physical Society, and the Association for Women in Science. She has received multiple honors and awards for her leadership in the field, including NSF Grants in Physics, DARPA Grant, Fellowship in Ultrafast Optical Science at the FOCUS Center, University of Michigan, and the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship.

Dr. Malinovskaya devotes her career to a wide range of theoretical studies, including chemical physics, quantum optics, quantum control, and nonlinear dynamics. As the director of the Ultrafast Dynamics and Control Theory Group in the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics at Stevens, Dr. Malinovskaya focuses on the cutting-edge of theoretical studies of ultrafast laser pulse interaction with atoms and molecules and designing femtosecond pulses with particular spectral properties to control molecular dynamics. She also investigates ultrafast molecular dynamics and the impact of fast decoherence in stimulated Raman scattering and CARS microspectroscopy. Additionally, Dr. Malinovskaya is a core member of the Center for Controlled Quantum Systems, where she brings together multiple research groups across disciplines to collaborate on the next advancement in physics: controlling physical systems that are governed by quantum mechanics.

“The election of Dr. Malinovskaya indicates how highly respected she is by her peers,” says Dr. Rainier Martini, Director of the Physics & Engineering Physics Department. “Not only is she an influential theorist, but her integrity, honesty, and hard work makes her a leader in the field of theoretical physics.”

TAMOC is a branch of the American Physics Society’s Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (DAMOP) and a forum for communication among the theoretical atomic, molecular, and optical physics (TAMOP) community at large. With over 300 members, the TAMOC researchers seek to formulate fundamental theories that form the foundations of new technology. One defining technology that owes its inception to TAMOP is the laser, which has affected nearly all aspects of modern life, and continues to impact physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. TAMOC works to ensure important theoretical research continues to advance by developing partnerships, encouraging expanded funding, and providing general guidance for the TAMOP research community.

“With talented faculty such as Dr. Malinovskaya, Stevens continues to innovate in the field of theoretical physics. We look forward to her accomplishments in this important leadership position as chair of TAMOC,” says Dr. Michael Bruno, Dean of the Charles Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science.

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