Local Houston Restaurants Provide Fundraising for Schools and Other Non-Profits

Houston Restaurants are marketing to community groups by offering in restaurant fundraisers to local non-profits like schools, churches, and college groups to help build strong ties and give back using GroupRaise.com.

Houston, TX, July 28, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Restaurants in the Houston Metro area are opening their doors to help local communities and organizations reach their fundraising goals. A new service is now available for groups looking for fundraising opportunities: www.GroupRaise.com, a city-wide network of restaurants who want to be more involved in the community. These restaurants host community groups for spirit night fundraisers.

This is a free and simple way for local groups to fundraise over meals. In a few clicks organizations can get their next fundraiser scheduled online, and non-profits in the area are beginning to take advantage of this program.

Local restaurant Mission Burrito recently used GroupRaise.com to bring in a local University of St. Thomas social entrepreneurship club to dine for a percentage of the sale. The group ended up raising enough money in one night to enable female entrepreneurs to start two new businesses in Malawi, Africa. Searching for restaurants giving back in the community, the club found GroupRaise.com and requested the Mission Burrito fundraiser 100% online. The group representative Evelyne Cras said, “It took me 3 minutes to organize something that changed people’s lives in Africa. It’s mind-blowing.” And all the restaurant manager had to do was click “Confirm.”

In these economic times, many restaurants are looking for new ways to enchant their local community and build stronger connections with customers. For these restaurants, it’s not only about having a donation program, but also making it simple to access. By offering online booking for their fundraising program through www.GroupRaise.com, the restaurants hope to become even more accessible to local groups in need. Restaurants on GroupRaise.com are focused on being leaders in the community and are great examples of community-minded local businesses.

Mission Burrito, Red Mango, Jason’s deli, and Little Woodrow's are just a few of the restaurants giving back in the Houston area. The restaurant fundraising movement has been spreading across the country, with restaurants in over 50 cities using GroupRaise.com. To view a complete list of restaurants willing to host fundraising events near you or to add your restaurant, visit www.GroupRaise.com.
Kevin Valdez