IBM Utilizes Data Center Design-Build Firm, Data Specialties Inc., to Upgrade Silicon Valley Lab Data Center and Reduce Energy Costs

Data Specialties Inc., a nationwide data center construction firm, helps IBM save over $11,000 a year by installing a cold aisle containment process to their San Jose, Ca facility's data center.

San Jose, CA, July 28, 2012 --( Most companies today are concerned with the high cost of energy and how to be more efficient; computer giant IBM is no different. IBM recently partnered with Data Specialties, Inc. (DSI) to reduce their energy use and costs at their Silicon Valley Labs server room in San Jose, CA by installing a cold aisle containment process.

As many in the technology field are aware, heat is the enemy of computing and managing a data center with multiple computer servers creates a very large amount of heat and subsequent cost to cool them down. The cold aisle containment process assists room chillers by enabling them to be more efficient in their cooling. The seals of the cold aisle between a pair of server racks are enclosed in translucent panels so that all the cooled air coming from beneath the floor is better contained and circulated throughout the machine, thus saving more energy. The completion of this project will not only add value to IBM’s return on investment (ROI), but also minimize environmental impact of the data center for years to come, creating a benefit scale that is two fold. In the 6 weeks since installation, there has already been noticeable energy savings.

“This single cold aisle containment system will produce a total energy savings of 146 kilowatt hours or over $11,000 a year, and is expected to payback the cost of the system in three years,” said Lynn Guest, IBM’s Energy Coordinator for the San Jose site. The IBM Silicon Valley Lab (formerly known as Santa Teresa) is located in the countryside near south San Jose and is where much of the software for IBM systems are developed, including IBM’s invention of the first hard drive which happened in 1952.

Large corporations such as IBM, Disney Studios, and AAA recognize the ability, expertise, and value in the work performed by the mid-sized data center design-build firm and consistently contract with DSI to handle their data center project needs. With more than 20 years industry experience DSI has the expertise to design-build, upgrade, and expand data centers with the highest levels of quality assurance, reliability, and as much environmental efficiency as possible.

Data Specialties Inc. is based in Buena Park, Ca, with offices in Phoenix and Santa Clara. A nation wide design-build firm, DSI is licensed in over 20 different states. For further company information, call 1-800-454-5164 or visit
Data Specialties Inc.
Priscilla Thomas