NHS Approved Wheelchair Fixers Get Help From the Skies

Greatly reduced fuel bills, increased productivity and highly efficient utilisation of a fleet of vehicles, has been reported by Gateshead’s Medi-Quipment Services Limited, an NHS approved wheelchair repair company, after they brought in a vehicle tracking and fleet management system from remoteassetmanagement.co.uk (RAM) across their fleet of 13 vans.

Leeds, United Kingdom, June 24, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Bosses at Medi-Quipment Services wanted to ensure that their service engineers vans were fully utilised during the many call outs and scheduled appointments that they receive every day.

“We knew a vehicle tracking system would be crucial in organising our fleet activities, “ began Kathryn Taylor, Director of Medi-Quipment Services Limited.

“Our Systems Manager evaluated many tracking products, but was convinced that the RAM system was quite simply the best on the market, due to it’s simple interface, incredible accuracy and that it would prove easy to integrate in to our current office procedures.”

Boasting accurate GPRS tracking, the RAM system provides users with live second-by-second access to the exact location of every vehicle within a fleet of any size completely free of charge.

“We can now react instantly to an emergency call out by selecting the closest engineer to the job. This means that we can offer a rapid response service while saving on time and fuel expenses! It also means that the time the client is indisposed is kept to a minimum.

“As we are able to effectively manage our mobile assets on a live basis, then print and analyse the reports afterwards, I can confirm without question that our fuel bills have reduced significantly, our productivity has increased and our fleet is operating more efficiently than ever before. I believe the RAM system is simply one of the best business decisions that we’ve ever made,” concluded Taylor.

The RAM system is reportedly saving UK industry many millions of pounds and has become a major player in the telematics market since its inception just three years ago.

Martin Davies, Director of remoteassetmanagement.co.uk, said: “We have a product that has been tried and tested by hundreds of businesses across the UK and – without fail – it has produced the results that we actively promote.

“I believe that our company brings a fresh approach to the telematics sector, and have received many valued comments from customers that are delighted with the way it has changed their business operations.”


Notes to the Editors

RAM - Remote Asset Management - was formed in 2004 with the single aim of simplifying the offerings of a telematics solution, for a mass-market appeal. With many years experience between them, the team built a web-based system that many have described as ‘incredibly simple yet highly effective’. Quality of service is important to RAM, who specify that all system upgrades are delivered completely free of charge to all customers. With so many factors pushing fleet costs up, RAM’s solution has helped reduce outgoings whilst increasing productivity and has been proven successful time and time again across a multitude of fleets of varying sizes.
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