How Warren Weitzman Became One of the World's Leading Domain Investors

A new investment opportunity has appeared in the high tech world. That opportunity is domain name investing.

Baton Rouge, LA, June 28, 2007 --( Many business leaders from around the world are investing in domain names. Just like real estate it is a depletable resource in constant demand. One such domainer is Warren Weitzman.

Warren Weitzman was one of the world's first domain investors. Through originality, determination, and initiative, he is now considered an expert of domain investing.

Warren was born in Omaha, Nebraska and attended both UCLA and Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from American University in Washington, DC with masters degrees in psychology and criminal justice. As both a counseling psychologist and licensed clinical social worker, Weitzman focused in helping individuals and organizations achieve elevated levels of mental health and created rehabilitations for drug and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, Many insurance companies discontinued covering mental health related claims and it became difficult to distribute treatment services.

Weitzman found himself in a sticky situation. He did not know whether he should continue in the mental health field or to begin a completely new career. In 1994, he decided to go into a mysteriously new industry, the internet. The internet was unknown to the majority of the population, but Weitzman saw the potential of this arena and started one of the nation’s first ISP’s in Rockville, Maryland.

At this point, Warren Weitzman became captivated with domain names. He began registering the names of his relatives and friends such as,, and As time passed, he registered hundreds of these names and even gave away some to friends as gifts. Since the domain names were simple, they were each worth a high value.

Weitzman currently owns over ten thousand domain names in several different languages and extensions. The ISP he started over ten years ago still continues to work as a hosting company under the name IDC. He has generously aided other entrepreneurs and is known as a grandfather in the world of domain investing.

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