Stellar Awarded TransLink Contract

Irving, TX, August 01, 2012 --( Stellar US is More Than an Outsourcing Call Center Supplier

After almost five months of preparation, Stellar, a global firm, began furnishing contact center services for TransLink on July 1, 2012. Stellar’s experience and knowledge of the transport business in Australia helped them gain the contract. The incoming calls are expected to reach 1.5 million calls a year from customers of TransLink.

On July 1, Stellar becomes the voice customers of TransLink will hear when they first call. It is vital to TransLink and to Stellar that the customer’s needs are met.

There have been many articles recently about the role a customer plays in how well a firm prospers. This has caused firms to take a deep look at customer responses. Capturing the comments of a customer and communicating that to management is vital to a firm’s way of doing business. Customer satisfaction can be increased or diminished by a firm’s first-line contact - the call center. Sales and the number of new customers can be increased or decreased by the approach used by a telemarketer. Stellar US is committed to keep your customers satisfied.

With the continuing emphasis on customer satisfaction, making sure your firm is represented by a knowledgable call center is critical. Stellar US is customer centric and client partnering. A client’s success is their goal because it means their success also. All facets of the customer service sector are used to further the client’s business and promote good relations with the customer.

A great company like Stellar US begins with the internal workings of the company. When labor is your greatest resource, bringing employees into partnership with the company becomes a real priority. Stellar uses a plan that means employees are made to feel a part of the firm, not for just pay purposes, but for seeing the firm prosper. This plan calls for keeping employees up to date on their contribution to the success of the firm and how it affects the firm’s success. Financial news, future plans and goals that are measurable are communicated to employees. They become a part of the success of the firm.

Stellar can work for your firm to develop either an onshore or an offshore plan. If your firm will benefit by having telemarketing services, they are experienced at providing that service. If it is a resource for customers to reach with questions about the company or problems with any facet of the company, Stellar can supply that function.

One of the outstanding abilities of having Stellar support your customer base is the ability to suggest innovations or better ways of doing business. Only a firm with knowledgeable people who are experienced with a wide range of markets can enhance their services in this way. The many markets that their leadership team has been involved in is indicative of how wide their experience is.

Addressing the idea of outsourcing just a portion of your business can be made easier by using the experience and abilities within Stellar. Many firms have benefited from having just a portion of their business outsourced. Both the planning and execution of transitioning to Stellar will be easier by using their experience early in the process.

Stellar is a global leader in both customer call centers and telemarketing services. They can be reached at 130 E John Carpenter Freeway, Irving, Texas 75062, by calling 972-999-4572 or by emailing
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