Help Menu That Actually Helps adds a new dimension to its cited customer service- A fully defined Help Menu.

Bradenton, FL, August 01, 2012 --( Any self-respecting Business to Business (B2B) website will show pride over its customer support component. The human involvement is crucial in a B2B environment but humans tend to confuse or exaggerate amongst any new technological situation that is presented to them. Thus, the need for a comprehensive "help guide" that breaks down what the average viewer sees on his computer monitor, is a concept as old as website design itself. A ready tool that simplifies- "Help"’ they called it., a pioneering name in online B2B trading takes its customer support component rather seriously. The website is growing exponentially and new features and services are constantly flowing into its "user-oriented" portfolio. So, as part of its latest release, and with a view to keep its loyal members abreast of the changes, the updated Help Menu was unveiled as part of its main international web presence as of 28th July 2012. Navigationally superior, atheistically designed and comprehensive in its functionality, it is hoped that this addition will richly justify its presence.

The Help menu drives primarily on its ease of visually selecting a topic and then finding the relevant query listed under it. The main page comprises of the following menus that are attractively represented by large icons- Buy on Toboc, Sell on Toboc, Manage your Profile, My Alerts & Messages and Others. The main page also features "Q&A"- a collection of questions that usually crop up about a B2B website’s functions and their corresponding crisply written answers. "Knowledge Center" is a defining part of the menu, housed under the "Others" topic, that gives descriptive insights into the workings of a B2B system.’s Help menu can be accessed at:

Experience is the ideal teacher- and when designing these Help pages, past experiences served as reminders and motivators towards a development that needed to hinge on practicality and usability. Looking at the final product and from the initial reviews, it’s safe to say, "a job well done."

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