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Complete Curriculum Offers Home Schoolers a Better, Cheaper Mathematics Lesson Plan.

Flat Rock, MI, August 01, 2012 --( Complete Curriculum, a digital publisher that produces electronic textbooks and lessons, is quickly gaining a reputation with home schooling parents for its high-quality K12 curriculum.

"Traditional classrooms use general lesson plans that aren't ideal for every student," said a representative of Complete Curriculum. "Our lesson plans are built on years of experience, sound educational principles, and a better understanding of how children learn."

Complete Curriculum's system consists of an online digital interface with social studies and mathematics lesson plan options. Parents can download textbooks, create a digital class curriculum, and easily track their children's progress.

In recent weeks, home schooling parents have spread the word of Complete Curriculum's personalized, student-specific curricula.

"We've seen a lot of traffic from parents that dislike their local public schools' cookie-cutter approach to education," said the Complete Curriculum representative. "Kids need an individualized approach in order to learn correctly, especially with subjects like mathematics. Fortunately, educators are gradually realizing the importance of case-by-case curricula, and we've also seen some traffic from teachers and educational administrators."

For many home schooling parents, Complete Curriculum is particularly attractive because of its affordable pricing policies. Complete Curriculum currently offers a special 1-year membership for less than $5 to celebrate its record traffic. Annual members receive up to 10 texts and access to the Complete Curriculum web-site's digital features.

"We're making home schooling a much more affordable and effective solution," said the representative. "Whether parents are planning a 1st grade curriculum or preparing their high school students for the SATs, we can help without breaking budgets."

Complete Curriculum offers affordable textbooks, along with educational tips and online K-12 lesson plans at

About Complete Curriculum:
Complete Curriculum publishes distinctive K-12 digital texts and provides an engaging web-based instructional interface.

Your students will experience engaging supplemental activities, real-world application exercises, and 21st- century skills development activities. Our cutting-edge technology will take them beyond the textbook into a world where what they learn becomes more than answers on a page. It becomes a part of their experience.

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Alison Cancilliari