Winston Ibrahim Becomes Executive Chairman of Hydros Bottle

Philadelphia, PA, August 01, 2012 --( Hydros Bottle LLC, makers of the Hydros Fast Flow filtering water-bottle, has recently undergone a change in leadership. The company is pleased to announce that Winston Ibrahim, formerly the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Business Development, has taken the office of Executive Chairman, overseeing all aspects of Hydros Bottle operations. The 26 year old Ibrahim will be responsible for taking a leading role on crafting the company’s overall growth strategy, pursuing new business opportunities, exploring ways to guarantee long-term financial stability, managing investor relations, and maintaining strong governance over the rest of management. Mr. Ibrahim has already been responsible for the recruitment of the majority of the company’s Board of Directors including renowned Entrepreneur Shazi Visram, Founder & CEO of Happy Family Brands, and Adnan Durrani, Founder and CEO of American Halal Corporation. Ibrahim has also been instrumental in successfully raising the company’s seed, series a, and follow on round. In addition to his business responsibilities he will also serve as Executive Director of the company’s social mission, Operation Hydros. The mission of Operation Hydros is to finance sustainable clean water infrastructures in the developing world through proceeds of Hydros Bottle sales.

About Winston Ibrahim:
Outside of Hydros Winston Ibrahim is also Co-Founder of the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project in the Middle East, a pioneering effort, in partnership with the Institute of International Education, to develop a generation of U.S. leaders sensitive to inter-cultural understanding. He also serves on several boards including Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), an organization that works to engage religious diversity by building interfaith cooperation on college and university campuses, ThinkImpact, a leading social entrepreneurship company and i On Poverty which harvests the best and brightest of the millennial generation in the service of a more decent world.

About Hydros Bottle: (
Hydros Bottles are designed to meet the needs of today’s savvy consumer by offering economical and responsible solutions to the influx of waste produced by disposable water bottles. The company strives to inspire consumers to lead a socially conscious, environmentally sustainable, and financially manageable lifestyle while reducing their impact and helping those in desperate need. Hydros Bottle launched Operation Hydros in 2009 as a direct response to the global water crisis. Operation Hydros initiative is to aid millions suffering by funding sustainable water infrastructure projects through proceeds from Hydros filtering water bottles.
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