Interns Helping to Launch New Product at BD-Pro Marketing

This summer four interns from three different colleges come together to work in a ten week long internship at BD-PRo Marketing Solutions, a company which helps small business owners meet their marketing objectives affordably.

Pittsburgh, PA, August 01, 2012 --( It has been several weeks since the summer internship has taken off and all four interns with diverse academic backgrounds came together to put their different strengths and perspectives to work. Each intern focuses on unique aspects of BD-PRo Marketing Solutions business and work on separate tangible projects all with the same goal of bringing BD-PRo’s newest product, the Networking Toolkit, to market.

Tiffany Tsai, recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and two minors in Communication Design and Chinese Culture, is returning to Carnegie Mellon University for her Masters this Fall in Human Computer Interaction. She focuses on public relations for BD-PRo, bringing new perspectives and attention to the capstone product, the BD-PRo Network PRo Toolkit. “I am excited to bring what I am learning right now and the experience I am gaining every day and apply to both BD-PRo Marketing and to my future endeavors,” says Tiffany. She focuses on writing blogs, articles, and reviews as well as market research.

Sunny Kim, a current student at Carnegie Mellon University, double major in Mathematics and Psychology, is currently involved with the social media aspects in BD-PRo. “I realized as soon as I became an intern at BD-PRo that social media has become an important tool for marketing,” says Sunny. She focuses her attention on researching new and different social media tools, for example Pinterest and Google+, and recommending solutions for businesses to network effectively. “It is amazing the amount of social media tools that are available and the key is to use the social media tools that best fit your business and learn how to not waste time on ineffective networking,” says Sunny as she evaluates the many kinds of tools and resources businesses can use to maximize networking efforts.

Priya Patel, a current student at the University of Pittsburgh is triple majoring in Business, Economics, and Psychology. She primarily spends her time on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and finding ways that business owners can apply the right SEO techniques to increase the visibility of their company’s website in organic search engine search results. She will also apply these techniques to the new BD-PRo Network PRo Website which is just launching this week at Additionally, she evaluates different techniques for small businesses to optimize SEO while leveraging social media channels.

Breann Ford attends Hampton University where she is studying business Marketing. She provides overall support to the BD-PRo Marketing Solutions Team and helps support the each of the different projects that are in work. Breann enjoys dedicating her time to BD-PRo because she sees the impact of the work she is involved in. She states, “I know I am doing something of value and that can make or break the team.” She is currently working on the BD-PRo contact database which is a critical component of BD-PRo’s marketing strategy.

With the summer well in its way, these four interns have gotten more than their feet wet and are deep in their projects. They are excited to see the tangible results and techniques they have acquired through their experience in this internship. “I am thoroughly impressed by the enthusiasm and caliber of my intern team,” says Sheryl Johnson, Founder, BD-PRo Marketing Solutions. “They have already made a significant impact in the short time they have been at BD-PRo. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and creating an atmosphere of learning so that they can apply their skills in a real business environment.”

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