Effective Marketing is the Next Frontier in the Evolution of Procurement

Procurement's ability to cultivate relationships both inside and outside the organization with executive leadership, distributed buyers, finance, accounts payable, as well as suppliers makes it more important than ever for procurement to begin exploring ways to leverage social media to a greater extent. - February 02, 2013

Interns Helping to Launch New Product at BD-Pro Marketing

This summer four interns from three different colleges come together to work in a ten week long internship at BD-PRo Marketing Solutions, a company which helps small business owners meet their marketing objectives affordably. - August 01, 2012

Interns Producing Big Results at BD-PRo Marketing Solutions

This summer, three students are making their dent at BD-PRo Marketing Solutions, a company targeted at helping small business owners affordably meet their marketing objectives. - July 12, 2011

Results Based Business Networking - BD-PRo Marketing Solutions Launches One-of-a-Kind Product for Business Growth

BD-PRo Marketing Solutions, LLC (BD-PRo) has launched a business networking toolkit to enable business owners to network more effectively. BD-PRo specializes in helping small businesses to perform marketing activities on a budget. Business networking is a powerful, yet inexpensive marketing tool necessary for business growth but is often not being fully utilized - April 28, 2011

BD-PRo Marketing Collaborates with MBA Students from Penn State to Provide Small Companies with Affordable Marketing Solutions

BD-PRo Marketing Solutions, LLC (BD-PRo) is collaborating with four MBA students from the Penn State Smeal College of Business under its Applied Professional Experience (APEX), the capstone project for MBA students. The student team will act as consultants to the BD-PRo management team and recommend strategies to scale-up the business and help small businesses do marketing affordably. The students, in return, will hone their skills by utilizing the skills acquired in the MBA program. - January 29, 2011

Turn Mediocre Networking Into an Affordable and Lasting Marketing Strategy

BD-PRo Marketing Solutions has a networking guide available to help companies turn their mediocre networking efforts into a very affordable and lasting marketing strategy. - January 16, 2011

Affordable Marketing is Possible: BD-PRo Marketing Launches Toolkit for Small Business Owners

BD-PRo Marketing Solutions has launched a marketing toolkit to empower small businesses to achieve marketing objectives affordably. The toolkit contains all the tools and resources needed to implement a marketing strategy on a budget. - December 09, 2010

BD-PRo Marketing Solutions Collaborates with the Franklin Inn to Launch a Unique Networking Group

BD-PRo Marketing Solutions and The Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant announce the recent formation of The Inn Group.. - December 03, 2010

BD-PRo Marketing Solutions Joins Hands with Electronic Utilities to Better Serve Small Business Owners

The success and growth of start-ups and small business rely on effective marketing and a reliable IT support system. The trouble is most restaurant owners wear many hats and it is difficult to focus on these areas. The alliance between BD-PRo Marketing and EUI helps to address this concern. Together, BD-PRo and EUI will enable small business owners to succeed in the competitive market and also provide these services at a very affordable price. - October 21, 2010

Marketing Interns are Key Contributors at BD-PRo Marketing

Students from Penn State University and Carnegie Mellon University were accepted from a talented pool of applicants to join BD-PRo Marketing Solutions, the company that is focused on empowering small businesses to achieve their marketing objectives affordably. - September 14, 2010

Small Businesses Can Become a Pro in Marketing with BD-PRo Marketing Solutions

A small business can no longer rely on word-of-mouth publicity alone to succeed. This press release is to announce the launch of BD-PRo Marketing Solutions, a marketing consulting company that will empower small businesses to achieve marketing objectives affordably. BR-PRo Marketing Solutions helps small businesses with limited budget and time to become a pro in marketing and achieve success in business. Be a Pro in marketing with BD-PRo. - September 01, 2010

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