Santa Cruz, California Locals Create Website for Turning Thoughts Into Action, a place to anonymously send manifestations out into the world wide web, has posted record growth in visitors, users, and most importantly -- Manifests. The number of visitors to the website has been growing steadily since it’s May 2012 launch. Through the massive support of family, friends, and strangers worldwide, this innovative website is proving to be a viable force in the world of social networking.

Santa Cruz, CA, August 01, 2012 --( July 2012 is proving to be the most successful month in the fledgling two-month history of The website boasted 512 new manifestations and predicts this number to increase throughout the rest of the year. Founder, Cliff Sammet, believes the recent success is due to a huge surge in visitors over the summer months. "Our active user base has tripled over the last three weeks. The increase has started to translate into more manifests and more feedback than ever before." Sammet suggested the site had well over 2000 contributing manifestors in the last month alone.

As quoted from a recent article written by Maria, “In the chaotic, information-packed world of the Internet, the site is a breath of fresh air to stumble upon, and a welcoming outlet for the human spirit that longs for growth. With a backdrop photograph of a majestic landscape in Greece, and a foreground consisting of a desk for writing your manifest, the idea is that even people who are chained to their computers in a cubicle at work can find a tranquil corner of the internet to project their more intimate or spiritual aspirations.”

While the site admits there are other social media outlets where people can share things, the founders maintain that the “world of Facebook” isn't quite enough. They believed, and their users seem to agree, there needed to be a site whose sole purpose was to be a gateway to the human soul. ManifestDesk is providing that much needed service. “Starting with Myspace back in the day and Facebook and Twitter now, they all just kind of became popularity contests, and it was really more about who was seeing this and how are they reacting to it as opposed to what is this doing for me?” says co-founder Noah Kerrigan.

The website is in the process of donating revenue and merchandise to local causes and charitable organizations. "It's something that's important to us," stated co-founder Josh Kemp. "We have several members who are using the site to promote their quality of life and personal health. We want to give back and help those who are helping others." Manifest Merchandise can be found at

The three founding friends, Cliff, Noah, and Josh, stress that the site belongs to anyone who uses it, not to them. "We don't own it, we're just trying to promote it," said Sammet. All funding to start the site came out of pocket, as well as the money to produce the bracelets, sunglasses, and other merchandise like t-shirts that they are excited to start producing with local artists. The idea is to keep the site as simple as possible, but the three friends know that the site will evolve in time, and will slowly be adding more interactive features where users can connect with each other, network, and actively support each other's manifests.

Noah Kerrigan