Echelon Ag Announces Success of 2012 Crop Tour

Variable rate and farm management company shared benefits of precision VRT with participants

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, August 02, 2012 --( Dean Schenk announced today that agriculture consulting company Echelon Ag experienced success on the 2012 CPS Crop Tour in Regina and Yorkton, SK.

“We’re passionate about educating farmers about our precision farming technology,” said Dean Schenk, Account Manager, Echelon Ag. “We enjoy connecting with people that are as enthusiastic about farming as we are at Echelon Ag.”

The Crop Production Services 2012 Summer Crop Tour highlights local agriculture and generates excitement about what lies ahead for the future of agriculture. Echelon employee Trent Dorrance spoke at the event to educate listeners about the benefits of Precision VRT farming.

“The CPS Crop Tour was a great chance for us to answer questions that farmers have about precision farming,” concluded Schenk. “Events like this also give us an opportunity to showcase the technology and speak to the long term benefits. We are excited about the opportunity to participate in more crop tours this summer.”

About Echelon AG Inc.
Echelon AG Inc. is redefining how you farm by utilizing today’s science and technology to maximize your bushels per acre on your land. Our agronomic specialists will analyze your fields with high resolution satellite imagery to determine your crops yield potential and develop a customized fertilizer plan. Using our Precision VRT platform, Echelon Connect telemetry and Level One farm data management systems, we enable you to accurately apply your own variable rate fertilizer and make better management decisions for your farm.

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