Nidhi Infotech Launches "Scholarship Scheme"

Bangalore, India, August 04, 2012 --( In celebrating its 10th anniversary, Nidhi Infotech, a Bangalore-Based training institute has recently launched the "Scholarship Scheme." This new initiative has received overwhelming response from the industry, with more than 75 professional organizations and their unit members rendering support for the Scheme.

Nidhi Infotech CEO, Mr Vishnu expressed his sincerest thanks to the sponsors for their support at the appreciation ceremony held earlier on the campus. He said, "Nidhi Infotech has been offering quality training to students who look forward to gain an edge over their career or who want to start their career with an extra boost. We also count on your support to create and pass on new knowledge for the betterment of our society."

The Scheme has won the support of professional organizations from all walks of life, and the newly established scholarships will be named after respective organizations in recognition of their support. About 3 Nidhi Infotech students with outstanding academic achievements are expected to benefit from this Scheme every month.

The kick-off ceremony of the Scholarship Scheme took place on Nidhi Infotech campus on 30th July, with Mr Roy, President of a leading IT industry in Bangalore; Mr. Vishnu, Nidhi Infotech CEO; and Mr Roger, Nidhi Infotech Marketing Head officiating at the event. The ceremony was also attended by representatives of supporting organizations and they were each presented with a certificate.

Following the kick-off ceremony, the guests also visited the recently renovated "House of Innovation" (HoI) and were impressed by Nidhi Infotech's innovations. On top of showing Nidhi Infotech's achievements in general, the House of Innovation has three designated areas themed on SAP Training, SAS Training and Clinical Research Training.

Some of Nidhi Infotech's training modules have been incorporated into the new design of HoI. With the quality education and expert guidance, it has once again testified Nidhi Infotech's capability in knowledge transfer for the betterment of the community.
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