Superfood Recipes Inspired by the Last Film in the Batman Trilogy - The Dark Knight Rises

Cinema and Spice, a popular web based cooking show, whips up delicious recipes inspired by the Batman trilogy. Cinema and Spice has over 70 videos on YouTube based on popular movies and television shows, including the Dark Knight Rises.

San Diego, CA, August 04, 2012 --( Cinema & Spice is a web based cooking show where Natasha & Julianna create original recipes to pair with their favorite films. Natasha has a culinary school background as well as a BA in fine arts. Julianna is a USC film graduate with great creative flair for crafting and a love for decorating. Together they pair their skills to create a show that entices their viewers to get active in the kitchen and dining room. They strongly believe that cooking and hosting at home brings friends and family closer together, creates long lasting memories, and is very cost effective.

Cinema & Spice has over 70 original Youtube videos based on popular movies and television shows including The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Men, The Hunger Games, Annie Hall, and the Coen brother classic, Raising Arizona.

Julianna and Natasha have very different backgrounds and they use all of their differences to create a product that is unique and creative. Julianna is a trained violinist who is active in the Los Angeles bluegrass scene. Originally from Kansas, she packed up her bags and moved to LA to go to USC film school where she fell in love with movies.

Natasha has an extensive theater background. She grew up working in the local theatre scene and spent time studying Shakespeare in England. Eventually she discovered that her real love was food and shortly thereafter Julianna and Natasha began collaborating. The result of their collaboration is Cinema & Spice.

The most recent Cinema & Spice episode is inspired by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Since Batman does not have any superhuman powers, he stays fit by exercising, eating right, and, of course, including superfoods in his diet. Natasha and Julianna have created three delicious superfood recipes to aid Batman, and Cinema & Spice viewers, in the quest for health and strength. The episode features the Gotham Green Mint Shake (superfood: avocado), SuperPOWer Cookies (superfood: walnuts and dark chocolate) and Sweet Potato Combat Crisps (superfood: sweet potatoes).

Superfoods are a buzz word of the moment, but they are also the secret to many cultures health and longevity. Although, on their own, superfoods can be daunting and unusual to the western palate, Julianna and Natasha have found ways to sneak these ingredients into very recognizable, delicious treats.

This episode specifically features these foods but all of their recipes aid in a healthy, balanced diet. Their approach is different than those of most health food enthusiasts. They believe that the only way to change people’s diets is to first have them taste something that is delicious, and then find out that it is healthy. Once the fear factor and stigma is eliminated from healthy food, it becomes easier to ease people into a healthier lifestyle.

Check out the Cinema & Spice YouTube page and get inspired for your next dinner party. Will it be an Annie Hall movie night with your closest friends, a kid friendly holiday party with The Grinch, or testing a new cuisine with the Bollywood hit Taare Zameen Par?
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