North Carolina Mobile Coupon Program Partners with Dynadealz to Expand Savings for Members

Raleigh, NC, August 04, 2012 --( The North Carolina-based hCard® community coupon program is launching to offer discounts at stores locally and nationwide. The hCard is designed to help local schools and nonprofits raise much needed funds with the help of community-minded businesses. Under this new partnership, residents will have access to even more "deals" from locally owned businesses.

Together, Dynadealz and The hCard seek to bring deals and everyday discounts to. Dynadealz is launching early August 2012.

“In these tough economic anyone looking to save money times, who doesn't need a good deal?” said Sandra Burnett, president of The hCard. “We're thrilled to partner with Dynadealz, thus expanding our hCard coupons and discounts for everyone.”

The hCard is a national membership card, including a mobile app directory, which offers coupons and discounts nationwide at stores, pharmacies, amusement parks, airlines, restaurants, movies and more. Participating National Sponsors include Wyndham Hotels, Tickets at Work and a National Prescription Discount Card honored at Walgreens, CVS, Savon and more.

Dynadealz will launch in early August and offer group-buying deals just like Groupon or Living Social, but will put more of the money into business owner’s pockets. This program also offers a unique twist: regular people can earn money from Dynadealz simply by sharing a deal.

"Dynadealz is committed to bring value to communities and businesses," said Mike Lemire, president of Dynadealz. "And, our company is proud to be working with The hCard Program and their team."

“This partnership means more hCard discounts supporting more local businesses," Burnett said. “Dynadealz is on its way to becoming the No. 1 direct selling daily deals organization in the country. Imagine, the restaurant can run a quick deal if the weather looks bad for a weekend! Now everyone can help support our local community-minded businesses."

About The hCard®
The hCard® is a nationwide membership program offering discounts and coupons for stores nationwide. The hCard Mobile App is free for law enforcement officers, firefighters, our military and veterans. Plus, when an hCard® is purchased online, 50% of the funds are immediately given to the school or nonprofit organization of the member’s choice. Learn more about how to save hundreds of dollars per year, or download your app at

About Dynadealz
Dynadealz is a daily deals organization that puts the power of group buying into the hands of anyone who wants to earn more money including businesses. The formula is simple: you find deals and share them. Check out the prelaunch and sign up at You will stay informed as a consumer and a business owner by signing up free today.
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