Psychic Readings Go Psychological

Gone are the psychic readings that leave you freaked out and sleepless. Today's readings stress inner knowledge and self-improvement.

Austin, TX, June 26, 2007 --( In the old days - and in the movies - a Tarot card reading was often a dire prediction, guaranteed to scare you. If you even believed in it.

Today, psychic readings are all about self-help, compassion, and hope. Most readings - be they Tarot, I Ching (tossing Chinese coins), Runes (an ancient Viking divination technique), or palm readings - are geared toward problem resolution.

Drawing a certain set of cards, for instance, can lead the querent to explore situations in need of repair; can suggest actions to fix a problem; and offer advice for that upcoming job interview.

A relationship Tarot reading can help pinpoint areas in which a couple needs more understanding. It can serve as a springboard for ideas the couple can explore more deeply together.

The Psychic Tea Shoppe ( is a site full of free readings that typify today's spirit of self-determination.

The Death card, for instance, does not mean physical death at all - it means the death of a part of you that you no longer need. It could mean the death of your smoking habit, the end of a toxic relationship, the release of a sad period in your life. Death in today's Tarot means Rebirth.

At the Psychic Tea Shoppe, there is even a contemporary personality test (also free). And a quiz on how romantic you are, or would like to be.

Everything is geared toward the individual building her or his own life. Not on being told what is or what will be.

The Psychic Tea Shoppe has just opened. And there's a table waiting for you.

Psychic Tea Shoppe
Suzann Kale