Allows Companies to Hire from India at $500 Per Month

Las Vegas, NV, August 28, 2012 --( It seems that globalization is only accelerating, with a new hiring platform “” launching that allows work fund world (from India or the Philippines) to directly compete with workers in the US, Canada or other rich world countries. US workers might be shocked to know that they are competing with Indian contractors that are willing to work at a fraction of US wages (in some cases as low as $500 per month for full time work). allows companies in the US (or around the world) to hire someone in India just as if they were hiring a local employee. They use tracking technology to know when the person (in India) was really working and transfer payments to that person for work done.

This is connecting with phenomena of the “virtual office” where companies are allowing their employees to work from home, and not requiring them to come into the office each day. However with virtual office concept it’s not so much of a leap to start working with staff working virtually in foreign countries.

Does this mean that US workers will not be able to compete? Liam Martin co--‐ founder of says, “US workers are definitely able to compete, they just need to make sure they have a higher level of skills and training than foreign workers. This is the new reality that companies are looking less to location when hiring and are willing to hire wherever they see the best talent at a reasonable salary.”

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Liam Martin
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