Small Businesses Focus on Core Business; Sales Improve with Evaluation from Libratis Sales Solutions

Many small business owners struggle with balancing the day to day operations of their business, while trying to increase sales in the current economy. Finding ways to increase sales and improve profits while taking care of the core business is key.

Greeneville, TN, August 05, 2012 --( Small business owners are a special group of people. Not a day goes by that the owner of a small business is not faced with more tasks than can possibly be handled. Taking care of the core business and making sure the customers are happy is always a priority. It is well known that the cost of acquiring customers – especially key customers - is growing every day. Therefore the boss must make sure that the current clients are happy – leaving little to no time to grow the business.

The simple solution is to hire sales people to grow the business for you. Right? Sometimes businesses get lucky and find the right person to sell their products and services. Many times it is a revolving door of underperforming, entitled sales people demanding more leads, bigger commissions, and less accountability.

Now a veteran business development expert, Brian A. Lovell, co-founder of Libratis Sales Solutions has a new option for business owners. Libratis Sales Solutions provides real world solutions to enable companies to grow – even in this difficult economy. Libratis provides a free sales evaluation, with no further commitment. This free service identifies ways to improve sales Structure, sales Staff, sales Skills, and sales Strategy. All Libratis Sales Solutions employees are immersed in sales training and development and become potential candidates for employment with clients. Services including Sales Management, Virtual Sales (Outsourced sales) and lead generation services are also available, allowing business owners to focus on the core of their business.

“Many times business owners simply don’t understand how to improve their sales, but are committed to growing. We connect the business with the right sales tools and people to ensure long term success,” Lovell explained. “By outsourcing the business development and sales business owners can spend their valuable time on tasks that are critical to the long term success and growth of the company, such as new product development. Even companies who do not retain our services long term find tremendous benefit in the free sales evaluation. In the long run we all benefit from having more, reliable, accountable, and trustworthy sales professionals in the market place.”

About Libratis Sales Solutions
Libratis Sales Solutions located in Northeast Tennessee provides consultation, assistance, and development for business to business sales. Libratis is committed to the development of sales professionals focused on relationship selling. Our philosophy stems from a quote from David Sandler, “There’s no such thing as bad prospects - only bad salespeople.” By helping businesses create a sales environment that leads to success, more good salespeople will emerge.
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Brian Lovell