Pharmspective Releases New Pipeline Perspectives Reports in Key Autoimmune Diseases

Pharmspective released two new Pipeline Reports designed to establish a new benchmark in functionality through its three unique report approaches: Granularity, Thoroughness & Dependability. Granularity: The detail of the pipeline reports is impeccable. Thoroughness: The approach through which Pharmspective covers the underlying drivers.

New York, NY, August 06, 2012 --( Pharmspective, LLC, the specialty therapeutics market research firm, announced today the release of its two newest syndicated market research reports, Rheumatoid Arthritis Pipeline Perspectives - and Psoriasis Pipeline Perspectives -

These new Pharmspective reports coincide with a number of key milestones in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) & Psoriasis product development:

+ Tofacitinib 2nd line recommended approval for moderate-severe RA by an FDA Advisory Panel (Pfizer)
+ Successful Phase III study completion of a Remicade Biosimilar (CT-P13; Celltrion)
+ Promising early-stage data in RA from an oral JAK-1 inhibitor (GLPG0634; Galapagos)

A New Standard in Syndicated Research on Pharma Product Development
Pharmspective's Pipeline Perspectives reports are unique in that they are the first Pipeline study to analyze drugs in development for a therapeutic pathway by pathway or mechanism of action rather than by clinical development phase. This dynamic approach creates a framework for understanding product development strategies of future competitors and the impact of potential product approvals on the standard-of-care. The extensive detail in each report about the clinical trial results of pipeline drugs provides a blueprint for new product planning and a critical strategic input for future marketing of established therapies.

"The structure of our analyses sets a new standard for pipeline assessments that go beyond simple lists of drugs in development by phase," stated Katie Derdeyn, M.D., Managing Partner and Co-Founder. "Pipeline Perspectives are different - we structure our analysis by pathway or mechanism of action to generate a strategic perspective on what competitive scenarios will likely define the future composition of each market."

Pipeline Analysis by Pathway Target and Mechanism of Action

+ "Vetted" and comprehensive list of drugs in development by pathway including a simple-to-understand synthesis of completed clinical trials and ongoing clinical studies
+ An understanding of how the drugs in development for a particular disease area compare to their potential future competition and the current standard-of-care
+ An overview of which therapies and pathways have recently failed in a particular disease area, providing insight into which pathways hold the greatest and least probability of future success
+ A web-enabled Knowledge Management App providing a custom pipeline analysis capability, allowing users to create their own pipeline queries and report views
+ A slide library summarizing key findings for each pipeline agent by mechanism-of-action and target pathway

Reasons to Purchase Pipeline Perspectives Reports

+ Unlike many pipeline databases, their vetting process eliminates drugs that have been discontinued for development from the analysis, saving you significant time and effort
+ Comprehensive segmentation of disease pathway targets currently under investigation
+ Comprehensive explanation of how the product development efforts of specific companies are focused (e.g., IL-6, IL-12, etc.)
+ Assessment of how the drugs in development compare to drugs either on the market, in development in the same pathway, or relative to different mechanisms-of-action, based on clinical trial data
+ Timing of product launches of drugs in development, if approved
+ Detail around licensing terms for drugs in development, if applicable

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About Pharmspective: Pharmspective, LLC ( is a Specialty Therapeutics market research firm providing commercial insights and knowledge management applications for the biopharmaceutical industry. The company is uniquely focused on understanding the buying process for specialty therapeutics through syndicated market research studies examining clinical decision-making, drug acquisition, access and reimbursement, and patient administration for specialty therapeutics in autoimmune diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn's/UC, and Lupus) and Oncology. Pharmspective's proprietary knowledge management applications create a superior user experience and include the ClearView™ Healthcare Reform app. Follow Pharmspective on The company maintains offices in New York City and St. Louis, MO.
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