Biometrics4ALL Delivers 30 Background Check LiveScans to Agencies in the State of Florida

Biometrics4ALL announced today that it has delivered over 30 Background check LiveScan systems in the state of Florida.

Tustin, CA, August 10, 2012 --( Pursuant to Section 768.096 of the Florida Statutes, many Florida agencies have attained LiveScans to perform fingerprint-based background checks prior to employees starting to avoid the risk of negligence. This Statute provided Biometrics4ALL the opportunity to enter the Florida LiveScan market. Since entering the market, Biometrics4ALL has implemented over 30 LiveScans and is now the preferred LiveScan vendor in Florida.

Edward Chen, President/CEO of Biometrics4ALL, stated, “I am very thankful for such a warm welcome from Florida agencies. I look forward to expand our Florida operation and footprint in the upcoming year and provide excellent products and services for background check and booking station needs.”

Fingerprints and demographic data are collected on Biometrics4ALL LiveScan systems and then transmitted electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the FBI for applicant background checks. The LiveScan systems are certified by both the FDLE and the FBI.

About Biometrics4ALL, Inc.

Biometrics4ALL, Inc. is a leading multi-biometrics technology company that provides innovatively-architected and rapidly-adaptable FBI Certified LiveScan solutions and services for identity management, booking stations, and applicant background checks. All products meet FBI, RCMP, Interpol, NCIC and ANSI/NIST standards. Biometrics4ALL’s product line includes LiveScan, Card Scan, and Central Management Servers (a.k.a. store and forward) with submissions to FBI channelers, OPM, ABA, NIGC, DSS, state agencies, etc. Biometrics4ALL’s LiveScan software is compatible with many scanner manufacturers such as Cross Match Technologies, Identification International (i3), and Identix (L1, Sagem). Biometrics4ALL operates one of the largest fingerprint-based background check network in the country.

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