Los Angeles County Regional Identification System Selects Biometrics4ALL as the Exclusive Vendor for Portable LiveScan Booking Contract

Biometrics4ALL, a leading multi-biometrics technology company, announced today it received a three year contract award as the exclusive vendor for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s (LASD) portable LiveScan booking.

Tustin, CA, August 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The award was made after an extensive demonstration and a week-long, hands-on analysis by the LASD evaluation team and will be used by members of law enforcement agencies within Los Angeles County.

Biometrics4ALL will provide up to 30 units to LA County for submission of criminal booking transactions to Los Angeles County Automated Fingerprint Identification System (LAFIS), the California Department of Justice (Cal-DOJ), and the FBI. Each unit will be self contained and operated from a portable case housing a Cross Match 1000Px fingerprint and palmprint scanner, a photo camera, an electronic signature pad, a Driver License 2D bar code reader, a magnetic stripe reader, and military batteries power for eight plus hours of continuous operation. Biometrics4ALL’s revolutionary LS4G LiveScan software provides LACRIS the smoothest booking workflow, most intuitive user interface, face find mug shot capture, and rapid data capture capabilities. The award is valued in excess of $1MM to Biometrics4ALL.

Lieutenant Ben Seno of the Los Angeles County Regional Identification System commented, “Our evaluation committee conducted careful reviews of the portable LiveScan units submitted by several LiveScan vendors, and it was clear that Biometrics4ALL’s responsiveness and intuitive LiveScan solution exceeded our expectations. As a user of Biometrics4ALL’s applicant background check LiveScan solution for the past six years, we have been impressed by their creativity and excellent software solutions. We look forward to using Biometrics4ALL’s new LiveScan software and their portable booking LiveScan solution.”

Edward Chen, President and CEO of Biometrics4ALL, stated, “I am extremely pleased that we came out on top and receive this LiveScan contract after a painstaking analysis by LACRIS. We look forward to the work ahead as we define the details of LACRIS’ needs to ensure that we deliver of the perfect solution to the county.”

About Biometrics4ALL, Inc.

Biometrics4ALL, Inc. is a leading multi-biometrics technology company that provides innovatively-architected and rapidly-adaptable FBI Certified LiveScan solutions and services for identity management, booking stations, and applicant background checks. All products meet FBI, RCMP, Interpol, NCIC and ANSI/NIST standards. Biometrics4ALL’s product line includes LiveScan, Card Scan, and Central Management Servers (a.k.a. store and forward) with submissions to FBI channelers, OPM, ABA, NIGC, DSS, state agencies, etc. Biometrics4ALL’s LiveScan software is compatible with many scanner manufacturers such as Cross Match Technologies, Identification International (i3), and Identix (L1, Sagem). Biometrics4ALL operates one of the largest fingerprint-based background check network in the country.

For more information, please visit www.Biometrics4ALL.com, call (714) 568-9888 or write to info@Biometrics4ALL.com.
Tiffany Chu