BBB Certify Oregon Mushrooms as a Trustworthy Online Company

Oregon Mushrooms is a reliable online company that offers fresh dried and Gourmet mushrooms online.

Keno, OR, August 10, 2012 --( The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has certified that Oregon Mushrooms meet the BBB's accreditation standards that include the good faithful intention to provide customer satisfaction and resolve any complaints with proper resolution. Oregon Mushrooms is an online company with experience over 10 years, which affords customers with the best variety of fresh, dried and gourmet mushrooms.

The BBB certifies a company based on integrity, performance, teamwork, trust and respect to their customers. The BBB mainly focuses on how the company satisfies its customers through service and products. They evaluate delicate performances of the individual company based on their accreditation standards and monitor different business issues that tend to affect customers.

Regarding the BBB certification a spokesperson from Oregon Mushrooms mentioned that the "BBB certification adds spice to our business. This is a direct indication that how we value our customers and provide them with quality items they need. The BBB validates the Company's Positive records, standards followed in advertising and selling, their open operative processes, ownership of the business, all the accords of the Company in both written and verbal representations, online safety of customers and the responsibility given to the customers. Only after the complete validation of all these categories the Bureau issues the certificate to the company. We are proud that we achieve all the qualities incessantly."

He added, "Our main motive is to provide the customer with a better proportion of quality products with high standards that satisfy them. The certificate reveals that we live up to our motto. The high standards of the company are mainly due to the positive feedback received from the customers and corrections made by their valuable suggestions. We keep our customers because of the quality of mushrooms we find from northwest pacific, some cultivated from the United States as well as importing unique varieties of mushrooms from China and Italy to meet our customers needs."

About Oregon Mushrooms:

Oregon Mushrooms is an online-based company that delivers dried, fresh and Gourmet mushroom. The company was established in 1999 in the United States of America. With over 10 years of experience and their service have earned positive regards from the customers. They have been certified by Authorized.Net for safe money transfers and have been acknowledged by Geo trust for their trusty online processing. For more details about the company, visit their website
Oregon Mushrooms
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