Industry Intelligence Analysis Shows Strong Demand for Food & Innovation Bolstered R&D Spending

Industry Intelligence Inc. launches annual report of research and development (R&D) spending in agribusiness, food & beverage sectors.

Los Angeles, CA, August 10, 2012 --( Industry Intelligence Inc., a market intelligence and information management company serving the forest products, packaging, and food and beverage industries, today released the first in a series of reports that analyze the strength of research & development (R&D) spending by industry sector. The first-released analysis focuses on the agribusiness and food & beverage sectors.

According to analysis by Industry Intelligence, 12 of the 17 public U.S. companies analyzed in the agribusiness and food & beverage sectors increased R&D spending in 2011. The most aggressive of those companies was Monsanto, which spent 11.7% of its 2011 revenue on R&D. The leading spender in the food & beverage grouping was Kraft Foods, which increased its 2011 R&D spending by 20% from the prior 2010 period. The analysis distinguishes the 17 companies by sector: agribusiness, branded food & beverage, and private-label food & beverage.

R&D continues to play a strategic role for both branded and private-label food & beverage companies. Brand owners push product innovation to keep front and center with the consumer, and private-label manufacturers strive to offer low-priced products of a quality similar to branded products. In 2011, private-label products were priced 29% lower than comparable brand products. With the weak economy and high unemployment, private-label products are attractive options for the price-conscious consumer.

This comprehensive analysis of sector-by-sector R&D spending by Industry Intelligence is available to clients of Industry Intelligence’s i2dashboard service. In addition to Industry Intelligence’s in-depth sector analysis, i2dashboard clients get access to current company news, company research from multiple Wall Street firms, transcripts of earnings calls, complete 10-Q earnings reports and real-time stock status.

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