SexyLittleIdeas See Increase in Readership Sparked by Best-Seller "50 Shades of Grey"

Sex blog and free literotica portals such as SexyLittleIdeas are thrilled with the increased readership and the global surge in interest in sex and sensuality, thanks to best-selling erotic novel "50 Shades of Grey."

Atlanta, GA, August 10, 2012 --( Sex advice portal, SexyLittleIdeas, has noticed a marked increase in visitors to the site,, in the last three months. This boom began with the increased internet interest in topics relating to sex and sensuality ever since the world took notice of the "50 Shades" novels, a trilogy of erotic fiction. "50 Shades of Grey," the first book in the trilogy, broke world records earlier this year as the fastest-selling novel ever with 31 million copies sold worldwide since March.

These novels seem to whet readers’ appetites, awakening in them fantasies that many have kept hidden for most of their lives. Readers find themselves turning to the Internet to search for free sex stories or tips on how to have the best sex of their lives. Many single "50 Shades" fans are drawn to sex blog portals while looking for the basics of how to flirt, while fans with established friends with benefits or healthy marriages are drawn in while looking for new sex games and sex positions to spice up their sex lives, "50 shades-style."

But sex advice and sex blog portals such as SexyLittleIdeas aren’t the only ones affected. Ann Summers, a UK-based sex toys outlet, has reported a 50% rise in sales of sex toys, specifically handcuffs, paddles, and restraints, since the books’ release., an online dating site, has reported that more than 80% of their users confess to feeling bolder sexually since reading the novels. Over half of them even admit to having attempted some form of BDSM since reading "50 Shades."

"Although '50 Shades of Grey' is quite simplistic on many sexual levels," says Joe Johnstun, sex columnist at SexyLittleIdeas, "it at least has the effect of getting people thinking and talking about sex, desire, and what they really want in bed. It puts sexy little ideas into readers’ heads, and that is always a great thing."

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Joe Johnstun