Bioo Scientific’s New ELISA Facilitates the Screening of Carbendazim in Juice and Honey

Bioo Scientific is proud to announce their newest ELISA, the MaxSignal® Carbendazim ELISA Test Kit, designed to rapidly and easily screen for carbendazim in honey and juice samples.

Austin, TX, August 11, 2012 --( Enhancing its line of simple, quick, and fully quantitative ELISAs designed to screen food and feed samples for pesticide contamination, Bioo Scientific is excited to announce the introduction of the MaxSignal® Carbendazim ELISA Test Kit. This kit’s purpose is to determine the quantitative analysis of carbendazim in juice and honey samples.

Bioo Scientific’s kit was developed in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s announcement that it is increasing its testing for carbendazim which has been found in low levels of orange juice. Carbendazim is a fungicide used in agriculture, which is not approved for use on citrus in the U.S., but is used in Brazil and other countries that export orange juice to the United States.

The MaxSignal® Carbendazim ELISA Test Kit offers include a rapid organic reagent-free extraction method with carbendazim recovery rates of 80 - 95%. Along with a high sensitivity rate of 0.5 ppb and a low 1 ppb detection limit, this kit was designed to offer sensitive, affordable and rapid screening.

This kit is Bioo Scientific’s latest addition to the MaxSignal® Kits for the screening of food and feed samples for contaminants. These kits are all manufactured in the USA and to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008 (ISO CI#: SARA-2009-CA-0114-01-B).

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