NeriumAD Supports Cancer Research

Sherill Calhoun, Brand Partner with Nerium International, believes that the network marketing industry will help drive future research and development funding.

Lemoore, CA, August 11, 2012 --( Nerium International, LLC, of Addison, TX, and Nerium SkinCare, Inc., a subsidiary of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., of San Antonio, TX, have an exclusive licensing partnership for development and distribution of breakthrough products in the anti-aging skincare market, where thirty percent (30%) of Brand Partner sales are funneled back to Nerium Biotechnology for ongoing cancer research.

Founded in 2006, Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., was created to fund research focused on new technology and applications of the Nerium Oleander plant with ongoing research at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the University of Texas at San Antonio, ST&T Research and Louisiana State University.

In 2009, Nerium SkinCare, Inc. was developed as a division of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., to provide for research, new product development, formulation, testing and manufacturing of all skincare applications, including the patent-pending Nerium Oleander extract, NAE-8. In 2011, Nerium International partnered with Nerium SkinCare, Inc., to move the first dermal product to the general public: NeriumAD.

According to Dennis Knocke, Chairman and CEO of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., when the potential of the Nerium Oleander skincare applications were discovered, the most effective distribution channel available led him to the relationship marketing industry.

"Current economic factors stressing the unemployed and underemployed drive men and women of all ages and professional backgrounds to non-traditional income producing opportunities, said Calhoun, a trend that continues to grow exponentially along with the tremendous growth in the beauty, anti-aging market."

Brand Partners, acting as independent contractors, market and sell product for Nerium International, LLC., who will reach their first year in business August 29, 2012. The direct sales industry generates $125 billion per year and the anti-aging market is an $80 billion-dollar industry in the U. S. alone.

Based on these trends, the future of research and development at Nerium Biotechnology look promising.
Sherill Calhoun - Brand Partner Nerium International
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