Fear Overload Haunted Houses Terrorize the SF Bay Area, Open September 29th, 2012

Horror fanatics will be glad to hear that Fear Overload Haunted Houses will be opening its doors on September 29th, 2012. Fear Overload is the Bay Area’s haunted theme park with 2 horrifying haunted houses.

Oakland, CA, August 16, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Fear Overload, one of California’s most popular haunted houses, opens its doors on September 29th, 2012. Voted the scariest haunted house in California (-HauntWorld), Fear Overload boasts of its new horrifying tactics it will use to implant fear this Halloween season. “This October, we will be taking fear to the next level,” says Creative Director of Fear Overload, Nathan Polanco. “No longer may you expect your haunted house to provide the adventure for you. Now you create your own adventure. This October, we offer each group one flashlight to explore the remains of an old, dark, insane asylum.” Fear Overload offers two new haunted attractions for 2012: Asylum and Insomnia. Asylum revolves around an abandoned insane asylum while Insomnia revolves around the realm of nightmares. Polanco’s team of design artists is highly recognized for its attention to detail and horror effects. “We specialize in the ridiculous,” Polanco exclaims, “and we ensure that you feel the most terror in our thrilling attractions.”

Fear Overload Haunted Houses is open on most nights from September 30th through November 1st. The fear begins at 7pm each night. A complete schedule of dates and times is available on the website.

Unlike your standard haunted house that everyone has been through, Fear Overload uses the latest special effects in their attractions. “We pay close attention to detail as well as having the most advanced technologies in special effects,” says Polanco. “In addition, our actors are highly trained in the horror genre and all have a passion for scaring.” Fear Overload’s staff includes over 30 actors and make-up artists who begin training in September for their position. “As California’s scariest haunted house attractions, we will be sure to give you a night to remember,” Polanco adds.

For more information, please visit Fear Overload at www.fearoverload.com or call them at 510-730-2221.

Fear Overload Haunted Houses
Bayfair Mall (Across Century Movie Theaters)
15555 East 14th Street
San Leandro, CA 94578
Fear Overload Haunted Attractions
Nathan Polanco
Toll free number: 510-730-2221