Hostile Takeover of a Crowdfunding Campaign Threatens Israeli Start Up’s Credibility

sCoolWork’s campaign promoting an innovative web app which improves students' grades while decreasing homework preparation time, has been hijacked by an unknown identifying only as “Chuck.” promoting a profane, self proclaimed “best logo in the world.”

Tel Aviv, Israel, August 15, 2012 --( Today’s anonymous update for Skills and Knowledge (S&K)’s crowdfunding campaign page has been significantly shorter than previous updates posted by the Israeli startup. It reads: “CHUCK HAS BEEN UNLEASHED.”

A closer look reveals that the main promotional video made by S&K had been replaced overnight by a profane video promoting a self proclaimed “best logo in the world,” starring a person identifying only as “Chuck,” who is shouting obscenities throughout the video.

Shocked by the profanity expressed in the newly posted video, the two founders of S&K, Alex Dayan and Shachar Tal, are desperately trying to find out the true identity of “Chuck,” as well as a “George H. Pomodoro,” appearing briefly as an expert abused by Chuck.

Though the video might be hilarious to some, it might harm S&K’s efforts to gain credibility. After recently sponsoring Jeff Pulver and Chris Lehmann’s #140edu conference in New York City, and receiving a great deal of critical acclaim from educators, being associated with such a profane video might not be a good thing for S&K in the education community.

Still, the hunt for Chuck and George continues: “We have been getting leads on some Facebook accounts,” says Shachar Tal, S&K co-founder, but none of them match.

Shachar says S&K would not involve the police or other officials, but rather seek assistance from the online community.

Chuck’s video can be watched at this link: . S&K would appreciate any assistance, and any knowledge as to Chuck or George’s identities. To help, please contact Shachar Tal Twitter @ShRorschach
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