10 Ways To Drive More Customers Into Your Retail Store

Tips from the Fixtures Group, to retailers on how to attract more customers just in time for the fall/holiday season.

San Diego, CA, August 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- As the end of summer approaches, The Fixtures Group wants to help retail store owners be prepared for the ramp up of fall and holiday shopping traffic. This is usually the most important part of the sales season for retail stores. Now is the time to grab your customers’ attention and stand out from your competition. One of the best ways to do this is by updating how you merchandise your store. Merchandising includes your storefront, store design, lighting, store layout, furnishings/ fixtures, merchandise placement, display cases, signs and graphics. Poor merchandising keeps customers from visiting and purchasing in your store.

Here are 10 tips, from The Fixtures Group, on how to update your merchandising and drive more customers into your retail store:

1. Chances are your store no longer has that shiny new feel that it did when you first opened. Dirt, outdated display cases, chipped paint, and smudges easily distract customers. Now is the time to get the floors cleaned, repaint, clean signage and update your lighting, fixtures and display cases. If you are a bakery or deli make sure your display cases aren’t worn, scratched or dirty. Having a dirty display case can be much more harmful to the food industry than any other area of retail. Clean new displays boost your customer’s confidence in the quality and cleanliness of the food you are serving them.

2. Changing the look and feel of your store will draw new customers in as well as old customers who haven’t visited your store for a while but now want to see what’s new. Constant improvement means constant change. Don’t let your store become stale and stagnant.

3. Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story. So before you change your displays decide what story you are trying to tell the customer. What is the message you want to convey? Try creating an inspiration board.

4. Add dimension and creativity to your window displays. Make sure your colors pop and don’t be afraid to be larger than life with fun and interesting props. Your window display is the first thing that grabs your customers’ attention and draws them into your store. This is where your story begins.

5. Create a lifestyle. Lifestyle displays (also called vignettes) are a great way to tell a story and show customers how they can use your products and/ or how your products look and work together. Help your customers see themselves using your products.

6. Make your store a unique welcoming environment that attracts repeat visits. The more often a customer returns to your store the greater chances are of them becoming a loyal customer who buys from you versus a casual browser. Give your customer excuses to come back to your store for a visit. Don’t just sell your product, sell customer experiences.

7. Hold weekly or monthly special events (not boring sales promotions) at your store and offer attendees product demonstrations or educate them on beneficial services. Some examples: interior design classes, DIY classes, book clubs, guest speakers, etc. Try to think of something different or unusual that your store has to offer. Don’t copy and do the same thing your competitors are doing. Create a new spin that will grab the interest of your customers. Set yourself apart.

8. Now that you have customers in your store spend a lot of time talking to your customers face to face. You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their customers. Many customers won’t complain, they just won’t ever come back, but if you engage and get to know your customers you will learn a lot about their wants and needs and how to meet them.

9. Make sure that you carry a variety of price points. Give your customers who aren’t ready to make the big ticket purchase a chance to buy your brand. This will keep them coming back and on that day when they are ready to make that big purchase they will know where to go. It is also important to make your price visible. Don’t make your customers guess or ask, that is a sure fire way to send them out the door empty handed.

10. It should go without saying but customer service. Make sure your customer service is a high priority in your store. Make sure your sales reps know it too. We are all customers and we know how much we value good customer service. So why is there so little of it? Make yourself stand out by giving your customers the best customer service that you can and they will be back.

Customers have many options when it comes to shopping. Creating a memorable and valuable experience for shoppers will keep them loyal to your store. So make sure that you are putting your best foot forward and giving them a great impression. Remember to keep refreshing your store and giving your customers reasons to come back. With these tips you can confidently prepare to go into a busy retail season and attract new and old customers into your retail shop.
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