Heyl & Patterson Signs Alliance Agreement with Torrefy Corporation

Heyl & Patterson Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA and Torrefy Corporation of Research Triangle Park, NC sign exclusive worldwide agreement to market biomass torrefaction systems to the alternative energy industry.

Pittsburgh, PA, August 16, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Heyl & Patterson Inc., a world leader in thermal processing, industrial furnace technology and bulk material handling systems, today announced the signing of an exclusive alliance agreement with Torrefy Corporation, a marketing and business development company based in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Founded in 1887, Heyl & Patterson has long been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of thermal processing systems, calciner technology and bulk material handling equipment. This agreement combines Heyl & Patterson’s world class engineering and manufacturing skills with Torrefy Corporation’s sales and marketing expertise in the representation and selling of Heyl & Patterson’s Biomass Torrefaction Systems.

The exclusive, worldwide agreement between Heyl & Patterson and Torrefy Corporation is expected to increase alternative energy industry awareness of the torrefaction process, by which raw wood biomass is converted into energy rich and compact “bio-coal,” and interest in the Heyl & Patterson Biomass Torrefaction Systems. The alliance agreement provides focused and dedicated sales and marketing resources for these bio-coal producing machines.

“Torrefy Corporation is pleased to enter into this partnership with Heyl & Patterson and to be given the opportunity to take these proven torrefaction products to market,” said Joe Schmitz, CEO and President of Torrefy Corporation. “We believe that combining Heyl & Patterson’s high-quality and innovative technology with Torrefy Corporation’s expertise in marketing and selling in the alternative energy field will offer large benefits to our shared customers. Schmitz added, “With guaranteed torrefied wood results from Heyl & Patterson’s standard seven-ton per hour unit, with three-year ‘amortized capital costs’ of less than $12 per finished ton, and with low and efficient operating costs, we know that these systems will match or exceed the requirements for many situations. The reality of immediate availability adds another strong positive to the situation.”

“This agreement opens the door for many new opportunities for Heyl & Patterson,” said John Edelman, President of Heyl & Patterson. “Torrefy Corporation provides a knowledgeable and experienced sales team. Their abilities will expand our market reach, while we will serve an important role in the engineering support area. This new alliance allows us to exploit an exciting and fast-developing new market while concentrating on our core competencies.”

“This arrangement offers Heyl & Patterson the opportunity to strategically leverage Torrefy Corporation’s capabilities to market and deliver Heyl & Patterson’s proven solution to this world-wide problem,” said Edelman. “Torrefy Corporation’s broad geographic and commercial presence enhances the opportunity for Heyl & Patterson to make a larger and more positive impact on the burgeoning wood torrefaction field, which is hungry for workable solutions.”

About Heyl & Patterson Inc.
Founded in 1887 in Pittsburgh, PA, Heyl & Patterson Inc. provides high quality, custom engineered solutions for thermal processing and bulk material handling applications around the globe. Thermal processing products and services include some of the largest high-efficiency Dryers & Coolers in the world, as well as Calciners, Bulk Material Processors and Pilot Plant Laboratory Testing Systems. Heyl & Patterson is the innovator the Rotary Railcar Dumper and offers a wide range of bulk material handling equipment, including Railcar & Barge Movers and Barge Unloaders. For more information, contact David Phillips at 412-788-9810 or dphillips@heylpatterson.com.

About Torrefy Corporation
Torrefy Corporation was established in February 2012 for the sole purpose of representing Heyl & Patterson’s Torrefaction Units to an alternative fuels market eager to have access to proven torrefaction technology. The company’s managers and affiliates combine many decades of experience in the forest products, biomass, and alternative energy fields. Presently, the company is involved in the expansion of its sales representation team and intends to license its exclusive, worldwide rights to qualified allies in key foreign markets. For more information, contact Larry Amick, Director of Business Development at 919-949-4822 or tlamick@torrefycorporation.com.
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