Paranormal Database Opens Under Parabased Name

Nashville, TN, August 16, 2012 --( Bob Bain, the founder of Parabased announced on Tuesday, August 14th, of 2012, the opening of the database dedicated exclusively to Paranormal related matters. This one of a kind database has been sorely missed and desired by Paranormalists from around the world. Before now, there were no single database for all paranormal activities.

Parabased is taking up the slack and building a reputation based upon the powerful software, server and their love for paranormal phenomena.

Parabased offers a unique opportunity for everyone interested in either reading or sharing their own experience. Mr. Bain also explained that iOS, Android and Facebook applications were all being worked on which will continue to pull the Parabsed growth toward phenomenal heights.

It is the opinion of the founder that science is 70% theory and 30% factual. Bob Bain claims, “Scientists and Skeptics alike enjoy placing every Unexplained Phenomenon into the same type of box, the kind they can easily explain away. The problem is that the easiest answers to questions are more than likely the wrong answers to the presented question.”

“UFOs are real, there are ours and then there are theirs.” Mr. Bain continues, “Ours, I believe was reversed engineered from theirs. As we further our advancements into reverse engineering their craft, the more advanced our craft will become.”

You can find Parabased at
Bob Bain