New Book Discusses Really Stupid Things Parents do to Place Their Children in Danger

Parents want to make sure their kids are safe from the predators of the world. But, a new book points out how many parents set up their kids to be victims without evening knowing it.

Sunbury, PA, June 28, 2007 --( A new book on the subject of child-safety is now available from author and self-protection expert, Jeffrey M. Miller. The book is called, "10 Really Stupid Things Parents Do To Place Their Kids In Danger - Without Even Knowing It!" It shows how certain lessons, both spoken and not, from parents can actually be more harmful than good for our kids, especially when it comes to their safety.

"Even the way most parents, teachers, and caregivers teach the stranger rules to their kids is way off base," says the author, himself a father of four and grandfather of three. He says, "children are not adults in small bodies and do not understand the concepts we're teaching the way we do. Take for instance, the stanger rules," continues Miller. "Small children are not learning them for the same reasons that we're teaching them. And that makes a huge difference in how we need to think about the subject."

Miller says that, if parents really want their kids to be safe, they're going to have to be parents. "And that means to take a stand, educate themselves, be role models, set boundaries, and 'be' the parent," says Miller. He also points out that many parents try to live there lives never wanting to say "no" to their child, and never wanting their child to be angry with them. But, when it comes to safety, allowing a child who has no idea about the dangers that exist in the world, to make some of the decisions parents are allowing them to make, is just not smart.

The book is written from both the author's experience as a parent several times over, himself, but also from thirty plus years as a police officer, undercover agent, and private investigator - watching the way children are victimized and how much of it could have been prevented with the right lessons early on. It discusses bullying, abduction, stranger rules, and much more.

Mr. Miller is also the author of the books, "The Karate-Myth," Controlling the Fight, Goal-Setting, and over seventy articles on the topics of self-defense, personal protection, and self-development.

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