CFLA Introduces the Attorney Prepared "Quiet Title Package"

This package is designed to take an attorney through the Demurrer stage of litigation, using valid causes of action brought about through the auditing process.

Los Angeles, CA, August 16, 2012 --( CFLA's "Quiet Title Package" is cutting edge work product developed by the Nation's Most Well Respected Attorneys in the Foreclosure Defense Industry.

The Quiet Title Package includes all of the Following:

(1) Securitization Audit Report

This product is designed to Highlight all parties in interest, in the Securitization Chain. This product will offer a full chain of title, with Instrument Numbers, Special Purpose Vehicle Search, PSA and Prospectus. The report will also illuminate any evidence of Robo Signing. This product is what Attorneys are using to stop an Illegal Foreclosure due to lack of Legal Standing, or for Purposes of "Quieting the Title to the Property."

(2) Civil Complaint to Quiet Title & for other Relief

The Complaint package includes a Civil Complaint that is Jurisdictional Specific, and can be tailored to work on a Federal Level. 12-16 Causes of action will be included based on the specific findings in each of the reports they are based on. The Temporary Restraining order is designed to give the attorney time to fight the bank in favor of the Homeowner and the Lis Pendens will cloud the title, making it very difficult for the bank to take possession of the home and re-sell it, so a solution can be reached in favor of the Homeowner.

(3) Summons to Serve on Defendants

(4) Temporary Restraining Order to Stop the Sale

(5) Lis Pendens to "Cloud Marketability of Title"

*This Litigation support service is tailor made for the specifications of each Attorney, and is drafted by Competent and Qualified Attorney with Factual Specific Allegations tailored for each client, ready to be signed by the Attorney and filed.

CFLA has trained more than 1,000 Attorney and Real Estate professionals on Mortgage Securitization since 2007, and is widely recognized as the Industry Leaders.

CFLA is Attorney Owned and Operated since 2007, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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