RK Agency Redesigns Their Backgrounds, Pre-Employment Checks and Drug and Paternity Testing Services for Their Ever Growing Client Base

Most “Background Check” websites on the internet are nothing more than sites that automatically search through free public record sources or buy old outdated information and resell it at an inflated rate. RK Agency introduces new, fresh and up to date data, from leading providers.

Fort Worth, TX, August 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- A Question of Liability?

It's an obvious fact that businesses and individuals can be held liable for the actions and behavior of the people they choose to conduct business with.

Minimizing risk, reducing employee turnover, securing the workplace or verifying the history of a contractor or a nanny looking after children are just some of the things that RK Agency are focusing on to help the growing concerns of their clients.

So what types of components are covered in RK Agency's background checks?

· Education Verification
· Employment Verification
· Professional License Verification
· Military Service Record Verification
· FAA Pilot Certification/PRIA Record
· DMV Reports
· Social Security Verification
· Criminal and Civil Records
· Bankruptcy Records
· Alias and Maiden Name Checks
· Asset Reports
· Sex Offender Report
· Immigration Status

Streamlined Background Checks, the latest Drug, and Alcohol testing kits are just some of the things that RK Agency are researching to help large corporations, small businesses, churches, landlords and individuals stay one step ahead of the game.

When it comes to Drug & Alcohol Testing, RK Agency partnered with Chromosomal Laboratories to ensure the best quality and turnaround time for all its tests.

Pre-employment drug screening and random drug screening can save a client time and money when it comes to making the right hiring decisions. Having a drug screening program provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything is being done to help reduce the potential risk that exists to both a company’s image and their employee’s health.

Aside from standard urine based drug tests, RK Agency are also qualified to provide HairStat and NailStat tests, which can identify usage up to three months or later for most drugs and alcohol by way of hair and nail clippings.

Innovative and creative, RK Agency is available 24/7 whatever their clients needs.
RK Agency
Kerrie Baldwin