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Mind your manners with these tips to break bad habits, improve e-tiquette, and communicate more effectively over email by the most comprehensive email backup service in the cloud, Dropmyemail.

Singapore, Singapore, August 22, 2012 --( Email is a form of one-way communication, meaning it does not allow for an immediate exchange of ideas. If you plan to use email as your communication tool, consider its limitations and your strategy for getting feedback. Aside from using email as a logistics coordination tool, it’s best used as follow-up to meetings or conference calls to recap concepts, agreements and gain alignment between groups.

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K.I.S.S = Keep It Short & Simple—Cut out redundant words to focus on what’s most important. Use brief sentences and bullet points so your message is easier to read. Especially when not everyone reads their emails on computer screens, they might be on a smart phone or tablet.

Address all questions and be prompt about it—Stop wasting time creating long email chains. Answer all questions directed at you, anticipate the next step and follow up with answer of your recipients’ likely next questions.

Respond quickly—Email is instant so having a quick response will avoid confusion.

Be polite from start to end—Conveying a positive tone with a greeting, thanks or asking nicely will get you faster/better results.

Use professional language—Always use spellcheck, grammar check and re-read your emails to rid mistakes.

Switch off capslock—It is rude as it may be seen as you are screaming.

Say no to special formatting, backgrounds, colored text or emoticons—It distracts from the message and looks unprofessional.

Always triple check recipients' email addresses and accompanying attachments—Sending the wrong email or sensitive information to the wrong people can be disastrous.

State your purpose clearly in the subject line—People skip emails with murky subjects like "Hi". Be clear and concise on why they should read your email.

Only CC relevant people—CC-ing people on an email should be on a need to know basis not everyone in the department. Repeat behavior will result in getting your email in the spam folder.

Only BCC with a big pool of recipients—Don't give out everyone's email to keep your contacts secure and also keep them from getting junk.

“Reply All” only when necessary—Not everyone in the chain needs to see your response.

Send large files in the right way—large files will often clog up inboxes, it may be best to upload to a file-sending service.

Stay clear of sarcasm or inappropriate humor—Emails are one dimensional text with no tone which doesn’t convey the full meaning of your words.

Send email when you are calm—Angry emails almost always causes regret and grief. With a cool head, there will always be a better solution.

Email is not a shield to hide behind—Emails are not real conversations, if there is a problem, it will often be best to pick up the phone or speak face-to-face.

Deliver bad news in person-Emails lack the personal touch especially required when the information is upsetting to the recipient.

Biggest email abuses and bad habits
• Selecting email as the wrong method of communication
• Poorly written emails
• Sending irrelevant information
• Engaging in too much back-and-forth when a phone call would solve the issue
• Hiding behind email for tough conversations
• No call-to-action
• Using “reply all” improperly
• CC’ing unnecessarily
• Saying something on email you wouldn’t want to read in the newspaper

Email unto others as you would have them Email unto you.
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