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A North West Law firm has launched a dynamic micro website aimed at women concerned about PIP Breast Implants, who may be eligible for compensation claims, www.mypipbreastimplants.co.uk.

Manchester, United Kingdom, August 21, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The French company that designed and sold PIP breast implants containing the wrong type of silicone, no longer exists. It went into liquidation in 2011. [thestar.com.my - France, UK issue clashing advice on breast implants]

Its closure and subsequent scandal provokes the question - how can a company sell a clinical product, arguably dangerous to health, go bust, and not be held accountable to customers?

Tandem Law is seeking redress on behalf of clients because it believes in professional customer care.

Michael Fong, Head of Technical and Legal Practice says: "Thousands of women across the UK have placed their faith in a product which turned out to be defective. For instance, they thought it contained medical grade silicone - not silicone normally used in industry. These products were clearly substandard - the anxiety caused by the potential effects to health need not be imagined. These women deserve justice from the surgeons and clinics who treated them."

In the UK alone approximately 47,000 women have been fitted with silicone implants containing an industrial grade silicone not intended for cosmetic surgery. [Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies]

A leaking or ruptured implant is not uncommon. However, these particular implants contain non-medical grade silicone, potentially harmful if it enters the body and, according to the most recent government report they have a significantly increased risk of rupture or leakage - by a factor of as much as 2- 6.

Despite continental governments recommending implant removal, the UK has said PIP Implants pose no long term risk to health. Women in France can have the removal procedure for free but in the UK the NHS will only remove implants when it is clinically necessary. [guardian.co.uk - French government 'to order women to remove defective breast implants']

The closure of PIP, the subsequent silicone scandal, as well as the conflicting information about their being dangerous to health has created a depressing and outrageous scenario for women in Britain.

Cosmetic surgery itself carries negative connotations in the media - in addition to the PIP scandal, both have combined to compound the misery for women who have been victims of this defective product, while private surgeons and PIP made millions in profit. If a PIP Breast Implant is defective and/or bursts, any woman potentially becomes a personal injury claimant.

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