Argan Oil Shop Establishes 100% Pure Products in U.S. at

Pure Argan Oil is preferred Moroccan oil for skin and hair newly available in pure form from

Hicksville, NY, August 19, 2012 --( has created a central U.S. distribution point for pure Argan Oil, a prized Moroccan oil for skin that has previously been difficult for Americans to obtain in high quality 100% pure form.

This week Argan Oil Shop announced Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube sites that bring consumers updates as pure Argan Oil products are imported into the United States.

"While many brand name products are now using small amounts of Argan Oil, we are the only company that is importing the highest quality 100% pure Argan Oil. Just two drops is all you need to rejuvenate skin and hair," said Hassan Azgzaou, representative.

Argan Oil comes from the seed of the argan tree grown in the southern region of Morocco in northern Africa. There women have for centuries used Argan Oil to protect their skin from dry, arid winds.

And because Argan Oil is derived entirely from a natural seed, it is the truest form of Green Cosmetic now sweeping the industry. "Women are tired of using cosmetics filled with synthetic ingredients. We're seeing a big rush to embrace Argan Oil for its powerful results and completely safe, natural properties," Azgzaou said.

Many well-known cosmetics have been shown in scientific studies to cause a host of health problems including cancer. Natural, green cosmetics do not carry that risk and are completely safe for users.

The Moroccan oil for skin contains important amino acids and vitamin E that work to rejuvenate skin and act as a powerful anti-oxidant. "Just as one would expect from nature, Argan Oil is continuing to reveal new benefits in laboratory studies. The natural chemical process in Argan Oil is quite remarkable," the Argan Oil Shop Representative said.

The Argan Oil Shop has close ties with the Moroccan region that produces Argan Oil. There the oil is considered a great natural resource that is highly regulated and tightly protected. chooses only the best oil from the highest quality seeds. This in turn yields far more potency and more intense results for consumers.

"At this stage we are working hard to get the word out about 100% pure Argan Oil. Our new website and social media activities are helping to inform the public," Azgzaou said.

Pure Argan Oil is available from the website for quick delivery at
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