Business Owners Want More Time with Family

Chicago, IL, August 20, 2012 --( My Secret Staff conducted a survey with Google to answer this question:

If you had 5 extra hours a week where would you spend them?


The respondents were given five options and were asked to choose only one. The options and the survey results were as follows:

· 51.8% of the total respondents chose I’d spend them with my family.
· 15.0% of the total respondents chose Developing new products.
· 12.2 % of the total respondents chose I’d spend them marketing my business.
· 12.0 % of the total respondents chose Getting caught up on paperwork.
· 9.0% of the total respondents chose I’d spend them looking for sales.

Given the current economic downturn across the US, we were surprised to see that over 50% of small business owners chose “spend them with my family.” But what does it imply? Does it mean that we prioritize family over work? Or does it simply reflect the obvious – our usual case of not having time for them because of so much stuff to do at work? And so, if we were given extra 5 hours a week, we would immediately grab that chance to spend it with our loved ones instead.


There were a total of 500 respondents, ages 18 years old and above, wherein 54.6% are males and 45.4% are females. All respondents self identified as business owners currently active in the US. Also, 23.6%of the total respondents came from the Midwestern US, 26.8% from the Northeastern US, 27.8% from the Southern US, and 21.8% from the Western US.

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