CFLA, Inc Announces Attorney to Attorney Chain of Title Reports

CFLA is now offering attorney to attorney Chain of Title Reports for only $300.00 per file.

Los Angeles, CA, August 19, 2012 --( Chain of Title Reports

CFLA offers the only product in the industry like it, for all of the Attorneys that are filing a Quiet Title, A Preliminary Title Report is now available for your proceedings. Anyone filing for Quiet Title, needs a preliminary Title Report, to show all the Named Parties in Interest on their Complaint.

Until now the only way to get a Preliminary Title Report, was through a Title Company, which will not issue a Preliminary Title report for Legal use. Now you can order a full Prelim from CFLA with no hassle and to accompany the Forensic Loan Audit, Securitization Audit, and Litigation Support that you’ll need to file your case on behalf of your client.

-Your Title report will include the following:
-Preliminary Title Report with all Transfer/Conveyance information
-All Recorded Documents and Assignments
-Tax Information
-Affidavit to Validate Authenticity

About CFLA, Inc

CFLA was founded by Attorneys for Attorneys to provide a low cost litigation support service on matters of expertise within the industry. CFLA is a full service litigation support company serving more than 10,000 Law Firms and Attorneys in all 50 States, with specially licensed Mortgage Backed Securities Analysis, training and support. CFLA has certified more than 1,000 Executive Professionals through its Nationally Recognized and Industry Acclaimed "Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training", practical application, classroom setting, by our industry leading experts.

CFLA's Senior Auditors and Attorneys use proprietary software developed and licensed by CFLA to search through S.E.C. and other Public Record Filings to find Trust Vehicles used in the Securitization process, including but not limited to Edgars Pro, Doc Edge, and others developed exclusively for use by CFLA team members.

CFLA's is nationally recognized and offers the nation's only Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training Class. The class is a cutting edge, highly innovative, and comprehensive (3) day instruction that is designed to help industry professionals obtain highly specialized skill sets, sought after trade secrets, and industry credentials.

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