Mitch Nielsen - Indigo Group Director, Sets a New Standard

Mitch Nielsen, Indigo Group Director, and Laurie Truce, Chairman, set a new standard for property development. Their focus is truly community based.

South Brisbane, Australia, August 22, 2012 --( Real estate has always meant big business. Even with the downturn in certain real estate markets around the world, property is still widely considered one of the wisest investments that a person can make, from private family homes to multi-million dollar commercial properties. In the dynamic economy of Australia, the plentiful open land, diverse terrain, and beautiful scenery are lending themselves to a boom in property development that is very promising. In the Brisbane area, this new wave of property development is being pioneered by the Indigo Group. Indigo group is led by Laurie Truce (Chairman) and Mitch Nielsen (Managing Director), two individuals who have repeatedly demonstrated their professionalism and community dedication in numerous ways over the last several years.

This is a privately owned property development group that joins together a wide range of expertise to attempt to bring added value to all property sectors. They have successfully completed a vast array of projects totaling well over two billion ($2,000,000,000) in value - projects that have also earned them several awards for excellence. Although their success is due in large part to the experience and skill that they bring to each project, representatives from Indigo insist that the key to their success is passion: passion for their projects and passion for the success of their customers.

Mitch Nelson Indigo Managing Director stated, "We feel that Indigo has proven so successful for a few important reasons, including flexibility, adaptability, and speed. These traits of our group help us to recognize, create, and capitalize on opportunities. We take personal pleasure and pride in helping our clients bring their visions into reality by combining an array of design and management services. It's not so much about creating and developing structures as it is about developing relationships and communities. We want to see every person involved benefit from every project: customers, stakeholders, staff, suppliers, and as many people as possible in the community at large."

The Indigo Group is staffed by a dynamic team of highly qualified professionals with advanced training in architecture, project management, engineering, engineering, construction, and finance. Due to the diversity and excellence of the team's qualifications, Indigo has been able to complete a wide spectrum of dozens of development projects over the last several years: residential, commercial, planned community, residential land, industrial, office, office refurbishment, hotel refurbishment, hotel development, residential retail, and more.

In addition to its unparalleled innovations in Brisbane area property development, Indigo is also setting a new bar for community involvement. The group has been instrumental in the development of community artistic projects like the Starving Kids record label. The Indigo Group Chairman Laurie Truce explained, "Indigo and Starving kids have developed a close partnership based on the timeless principles of passion, mentorship, and unwavering dedication to the support of young Australians. Starving Kids helps a diverse population of young people, many of whom have left school or who are not employed. They train at the center four days per week to learn song writing, recording, graphic design, and other crucial creative skills. Starving Kids teaches them practical skills and guides their development, but it also educates them about the music industry so that they are prepared for the realities of business in the arts. It gives them a foundation for a truly rewarding future with the Starving Kids label or with another reputable label, helping them to truly make their dreams come true. I could not ask for a better outcome than that."

It seems that, whether they are developing property or developing artistic talent, the people of the Indigo Group are passionate in their quest to change the world one project at a time.


Indigo Group, led by Laurie Truce and Mitch Nielsen, has earned an unparalleled reputation for professionalism, reliability, and community support. They offer the speed, flexibility, and adaptability necessary to meet the full spectrum of challenges in the field, and they approach every project with the utmost care and dedication. For more information, please visit
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